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male or female?

Roose Hurro

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well then the species marker is for RL right? then why is it that there are so few hyoomans here on this site?

I guess I assumed it's for your fursona...otherwise it wouldn't be there...

Only that space also gives room for your location, which you indicate as Iowa, and for your join date and number of posts, RL references. Species was the only part obviously intended for your 'sona info, though as many here have indicated, their RL gender and 'sona gender are the same. Still, it can be confusing, given their is no RP permitted on this site, when in OOC conversation, you think you're talking to a guy, when you're actually talking to a gal. Of course, the easy thing would be puting information for both your 'sona and RL self. But I don't think that was an option when filling out the form.


yeah that'd be a good addition to the marker list...it can get confuzing...


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I'm a female with an unspecified gender fursona,
but I have other sonas that are both male and female [not at the same time though D8]
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male and male. though I have played a female on stage once, kinda hard to make me look female, but the makeup and wardrobe people did a hell of a job....
that and a vampire, a harlquin (gods that was so fun,) an old man, and the list goes on.


I figured most people are the same IRL as in Fursona... or they would put IRL: Male Fur: Female or something?


Female IRL, but all my muses are male. I, uh, write them easier?

My fursona is genderless, tho.


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Male Real life, female Dragoness. Although more due to personal beliefs than furry o_O

I'm just more comfortable playing female I guess :/


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Both female.



It's true! I only have, like... one female character. I think. Maybe. Maybe it was just a really girly guy.

My fursona is actually genderless because I get mistaken for a guy IRL quite a bit. It's weird. o_O


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My characters are always male or tomboyish females because I have no idea on how to actually play a real girl without playing into harmful stereotypes that drive a real female away.

That and if I'm thinking of a big-breasted-bimbo, all I can imagine them thinking is "UGH godammit my back hurts. >.< I'm so jealous of Digitalpotato's other chars with realistic breast-sizes that don't have this problem. x_X"


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Female with a Male and Female furry. I like my girl more, but I don't mind for a male. I'm not picky.
Female but I don't really identify with either genders and female 'alt form' I don't like the word fursona lol...


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i am guessing the majority of users here are males, i want to know if there are any females, and if there are what gender furry do you choose to depict yourself? this goes same for the guys, do you choose a female or a male?

me i am a male, and as so chose a male Furry.

If I did RP, I might consider a female character. I've done it before. But I like to keep my RP mostly offline. My fursona is male, as am I.


male, with a male fursona.