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Male Pink fox seeks RP partners and friends, preferably chubby furs!


New Member
So just wanna post this on the forum that I am always looking for new friends and lately just been running into a lot of one RP stands and never hear from the person again. Really makes ya upset when your trying to form a friendship with that person.

But anyways my fursona is a male pink I stand at 5'8 and 196lbs, I am seeking friends who can also be RP partners. I am a switch when it comes to sexual RP and prefer other switches like myself I enjoy topping and bottoming equally, and have a few fetishes but for the most part I prefer vanilla stuff. So if you are interested just please feel free to drop me a line on either KIK or Skype or Telegram

As for my personality I consider myself to have a good sense of humor and down to earth and very open minded, I can tend to be shy at first but if I like you I tend to open up rather quickly, so hopefully after reading this you decide to contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! :3

KIK: Brandon_X_Fox
Skype: BrandonBMK
Telegram: Brandon_X_Fox (not using currently atm so kik is 1st best option and KIK second)