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Man its been a LONG time.


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Thanks for clicking.
Ive been out of the fandom for a while. probably close to 10-12 years!
It meant a lot to me back then. It was a place I was allowed to be whoever I wanted.
But as time went on, it became easier and easier to be the person I wanted to be in real life as well!
And my need for the fandom slowly faded, and so did that part of me.

But here we are, years later.
I don't have a fursona, and I dont think I ever will again?
Its not a part of who I am anymore. But I want to create!
I want to give back to the fandom that helped me so much when I was younger.
So im back! And I want to learn how to create fantastic art.
But MAAAAAAN. I've got a long way to go.

Heres a link to my FA. current art will be of big girls and big buttholes, so a warning for anyone looking to avoid NSFW stuff :>


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Welcome! I know that there’s quite a few people who could help give you advice on your art, but I’m not one of them! =)
Hope you enjoy your stay!


Hey man, look at me rocking out!
Hey! I only saw a couple things posted on your FA, but not gonna lie you've got a great head start in art imo. The drawing of your rat is very expressive, an area I struggle with quite a bit