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Free Art: Map-Making Practice- Challenge Me!


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Hey, all!

I'm wanting to practice my map-making skills so that I could, one day, open up commissions for them.

I can already do maps for city/urban environments, but if you want to suggest those, I'm more than happy to take you up on that. It's all for practice, anyway!

Suggest whatever you like. Maybe you have a setting in mind to design for?

Note that I mostly use MS Paint (not very good, I know) to design these.

I'll leave an example of an unfinished map I made a while ago.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!


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You mean like real life settings, or Fantasy settings?

Like, you'll map out a real life place, or we suggest a Fantasy place that doesn't actually exist, and you'll create a map setting based on our prompt? Like, create an imaginary world map from just a name and description?


Leather-clad Lobo
You mean like real life settings, or Fantasy settings?

Like, you'll map out a real life place, or we suggest a Fantasy place that doesn't actually exist, and you'll create a map setting based on our prompt? Like, create an imaginary world map from just a name and description?
Yeah, I can create fantasy places based on prompts. Whether or not they'll match what you wanted is another story!
It's mostly just for practice.


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Ok, then here's my prompt!

( Sorry its so long! You can skip the middle section if you like, that's just about the map inhabitants, and world lore! Only the top and bottom sections are specifically about making a map! )

An archipelago of islands, different sizes, shapes, terrains, and climates, with varying plants, land features, and settlements!

Some would be connected by bridges or trams, but most would be accessible only by boat!

One would have a large urban city area, a couple would have smaller towns, a few would have villages, but most would be uninhabited!

A couple of the uninhabited islands would have ruins of previous settlements that were abandoned!

There would also be farms, and an underwater city!

Anthros living on these islands would be different species within closely related animal groups: Bears, Dogs including other Canines, Cats, Birds, and Lizards including other reptiles and frogs and toads, would each have their own island.

Then a few other mammal species, specifically raccoons, skunks, otters, kangaroos and rodents, would either be nomads, moving around and setting up temporary camps, or living in trees, caves, and other natural land features!

Farm animals not used for food would be feral, but still able to talk! Food animals would be full feral!

Also, in the underwater city , like Atlantis or Little Mermaid's Atlantica, sea mammals and sharks are sentient species, but all other fish and sea creatures are feral!

Also, all anthros are fairly close in height, with rodents being 2 - 3 ft. tall, and bears around 6 - 7 ft. tall. Other land species are 4 - 5 ft. tall.

Sea mammals and sharks would be 8 - 9 ft. tall. All feral animals would be real life size.

Other animals not part of these groups, like large African mammals, deer species, coastal water mammals, primates with tails, and insects, would be feral, and living on the uninhabited islands!

Primates without tails do not exist!

All species would stay living within their own group and area, but would freely travel to other islands to visit friends or vacation, and trade goods with each other.

The nomads and land feature critters would be harder to visit and trade with, as they're more rural and suspicious of outsiders, but still possible if trust is built up!

Also, the underwater mammals and sharks have limbs they can sheath and retract at will, allowing them to walk on land. They can remain on land for up to 3 days ( 72 hours ) if they stay hydrated, and keep their skin moist, but then must return to the sea, as the sea salt reserves they build up in their skin deplete! They must replenish their salt reserves by staying in the water for at least a week after being on land!

For the most part, anthro species wear little clothing, mostly loincloths by the land feature animals, speedo like garments in the villages, shorts and trunks in the towns, and long shirts, onesies, or jumpsuit like clothing in the city! Shoes do not exist, but socks and some long garments with attached feet are sometimes worn at home only! Besides that, anthros are always barefoot!

Exceptions are when anthros travel to very hot or cold areas, they would cover up in clothing similar to Middle Eastern or Inuit garb, as protection from sun and snow!

Underwater critters have no clothing at all. It would draw out the moisture they need to retain. Ferals never wear clothing, unless dressed in some by an anthro, like a sweater!

Nudity is a fairly common occurrence, with children mostly not wearing clothes at all until their teens, and it being legal for teenagers and adults to be nude in outdoor areas only. Clothing must be worn when entering indoor areas.

Also, no mechanical technology or machinery exists! Everything is made and done by paw, or paw or critter operated devices, similar to Ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome!

Basically, it would be like the different climate zones in Zootopia, but on islands instead of city districts, and similar to the map in Mario Sunshine, but with more islands, and also with a dash of the island features from the 1st Crash Bandicoot: N. Sanity Island, Middle Island, and Cortex Island!

If you'd like to attempt this, I'm not expecting a masterpiece, just do what you can, thanks!
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Make a map for a retro 1980s theme park with a Schwarzkopf shuttle looper and a Arrow Dynamics roller coaster! And a log flume. Maybe it could be in the forest.