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Totally Gay For Bridget!!
I just downloaded it today on my computer. havn't had a chance to play it yet, but im hoping it better be good cause i had to wait over an hour for the installer process to show up :(


Maple Story?


Imagine RO, except everyone on the team is on acid constantly and/or has suffered significant brain damage. Toss in a stupid gimmick that ruins the actual gameplay, the most obnoxious immature userbase this side of Gaia, micropayments, and the same old crappy half-finished RO UI for good measure.

Also their site is complete crap and has gone from not working in anything but IE to still not working in anything but IE.


pissy esoteric
If you're willing to circumnavigate japanese and korean while getting some how-tos on MMO sites, i'd suggest you throw away MS and play Dungeon & Fighter instead.

Zhyrersh the Sarcastic

Epitome of Sarcasm
I once enjoyed the game on Kradia, but for a fact, unless you are truly devoted and have the patience. Grinding, grinding, GRINDING. That's what it basically is, just in 2D. I have quit twice, because of how boring it had become. I can't say it's really worth it.