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Marine, Predator, or Alien


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new AVP games coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

so, Marine, Predator, or Alien which one are you?

I've always been a Marine, even though campains freaky as hell


I'll take Predator kthx

Easy mode FTW.

Marine campaign in AvP2 had me jumping like a total wuss at times.


Alien, always. D<

I wanna play the new game, I heard it is gonna be wiiiiin.

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
its for those who know they are fucked from the start but gonna try anyway


Marine, no question about it.
I played marine in previous two AvP games first, so ill do the same this time.
* motion tracker bleaps*


Marine, no question about it.
I played marine in previous two AvP games first, so ill do the same this time.
* motion tracker bleaps*

Oh god that is the worst fucking thing. Hearing the "bleep... bleep..." and going "oh shit where are they coming from panic mode break out the smartgun SGDHSJFD ratatatatatatatat"


Alien, assuming it isn't nerfed like the second one. I love running around like a crazy bastard then ripping people apart and eating their face and jumping around into a vent before they even figure out what the hell happened.

Plus they're the sexiest.

Captain Spyro

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Ah, love the Atari Jaguar version. <3

But yeah, I preferred marines in single player and aliens in multiplayer on the PC game. More toys on one hand, and plenty of WTF kills on the other.:cool:


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Alien, assuming it isn't nerfed like the second one.

Aliens weren't too nerfed in the second game. All you needed to do was get the smartgun out
Well, i like playing as predator the most, but i enjoy all three classes alot. The new game looks sick, i need to get it.


The hell am I reading, here?
Never played, but Alien all the way if I did.


On drugs?
In the previous iterations the Alien was most fun to play, with all the crawling on ceilings and brain eating.


I hope this game shares more in common with the first AvP shooter. c:


Your local φ Mephitidae
[sarcasm] Aliens. All the way. Theres something satisfying knowing your basicly a walking set of multi-layerd genetalia.[/sarcasm]

But seriously, i was always a fan of playing alien. You have to be careful not to get motion sick, but you can cause some real havok if you ambush correctly, hehe.


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Why would you want to play as the human? They better make the human more entertainable to play as then the alien and the predator.

Also it looks like Doom 3

You do know this is based off of a series of games that predated Doom 3, and even inspired some of Doom 3's mechanics such as light deprived corridors with enemies that jump out at you and a flashlight that you end up trying to use ALL the time.

In this game, as well as the previous games they are balancing the Human, the Aliens and the Predators out. Humans have high powered weaponry and can hit extremely hard. With a tactical style your used to in FPS games. Aliens are the fastest and can crawl on walls, and Predators can cloak and use stealth tactics.

Similar to one of those Half Life mods that put you in the perspective of a Xen warrior. Each perspective also has a different suvival factor. Humans can heal themselves by finding health packs, Predators can only heal by killing enough people which gives them energy, and allows them to use more of their arsenal consequently. The Aliens are more suited to hit and run tactics and can only heal by mutilating a corpse.

The Marine campaign is set to be far more horror style as you try and prevent both Zenomorphs from swarming you, and the odd Predator sneaking up behind you. The Predator campaign will be stealth gameplay at it's finest and the Alien campaign will revolve around survival.
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Taren Fox

The marine because he can use guns.


i remember the first one, sextastic.