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Markings and Yarn Tails


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Hi there,
I noticed this thread isn't as lively as the others, but I thought it's worth a shot.

I make yarn tails and I am just starting out, but for more complex markings, how does one map that out on a tail's base? I don't use the sewing method with my tails, I use the (much more rare) chain method. I don't dye and airbrushing, well, I've read some horror stories.
Would any of you suggest doing the markings first then fill the rest of the tail out? What about potential customers who has a character with spots or stripes?
Any information at all would help me big time.

Thank you so much :3
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I don't really know how the chain method works. In theory you could do the markings first and then just work around them when you go to fill in. I personally just try to plan out my actions at the get-go (creating a plan on paper if it's complex) because I find working around things annoying, plus I like to see how layer by layer looks as I'm doing it (even though I've done enough tails that I probably could guess how it would look and be pretty accurate, lol). So if you are comfortable with how much yarn you need to have visible in your pattern without all of the layers right there to be sure, you could at least give it a shot. I wouldn't bother about that with simple patterns like spots or stripes, though, but then again maybe there is a difference in the technique that makes those more complicated when not just sewing.

One of the most helpful things you can do is just experiment--maybe make a mini-tail and try it out and see how it works for you?

I'm sorry, that's probably not incredibly helpful...


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What is the chain method? Could you elaborate on that please?
I sew all the hair tufts on to the tail base when making yarn tails. I like to make a small sketch of the front/back/side if its a design that's anything outside of the basic colored tail tip, just so I can see for myself what I want the end result to look like. Like if I'm doing a tail with a stripe, I sketch it out to see how wide of a stripe I want, to consider whether or not how visible it will be from the various angles. Is it really necessary for most of the designs I do? Probably not. But I do 'em anyhow. And for more complex designs, its probably a good idea.

Also, on some designs which are more to be only on one side of the tail (like a husky tail with a white bottom and black top) I like to make the tail base itself a flatter weave/braid as opposed to a rounder braid as it helps me more easily keep to differentiating where I need to be keeping the different color/patterns. Once all the tail fluffs are attached, the different base structure isn't readily apparent, but I find it easier personally for construction.


..is allergic to chocolate ;~;
Thanks for your advice you two! I'm going to probably experiment after the current tail I'm working on to prepare myself for more complex markings. I can't limit myself to just tips and certain colors.

Take a look at this, hopefully this can explain a bit more:

The chain method is similar to the yarn method, but without braiding a base. For me, the chain is the base (I don't use a metal chain, I personally find that uselessly heavy) and I don't sew on the tufts, I triple, sometimes quadruple-knot them on the base. I've made two so far and I'm working on a commission at the moment. They've turned out like this:



I was ticked off there wasn't any details on how to actually get the tufts onto the chain, it took one hell of a time guessing on what to do. Thank goodness my brain was working the right way that night, lol. I used more of Zulala's yarn tail method over on Youtube. I really don't want to use so much yarn. That's an extra expense lol. The chains are pretty much less expensive (I think) and it's just easier and quicker to work with. But I admit, it does put a hurtin' on your hands.


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Very nice tails! I make tails too but your tails look better! I want to know how you made them! Two fuzzy thumbs up from Haewoo!