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Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

Help me improve -SURVEY- How good my art is?

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Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis GIFs and Animation services you can make this dream possible for the minimum price just post here a reference of your Character and the details and i'll do the rest.

By purchasing my art you will not only have a good quality art of your character but also you may feel good that you are helping someone to achieve his dream; here in my shop, we're all friends and family here so allow me to confess my dream: I'm looking to gather money to fly away to another country and start a new life, your purchase is very important to me and i will be forever grateful with you
These are some of my works:




I can also make static Art if you want to:



All Prices are $5 USD each, no hidden fees, no extra cost, the price you see is the price you pay
Animation Services
I'm pretty sure that, like me, you enjoy watching cartoon on TV and spend your childhood with unforgetable characters and their crazy adventures, but tell me, How would sound to you that i can help you in that matter? For the minimal amount here i can offer you my animation skills if you have something in your mind. The price starts with $5 USD per 40 seconds of animation, 40 seconds! all things you can view in 40 seconds and the sky is literally the limit! You may want some clips or an entire episode. Here are some samples

Imagine you and your friends gather up to start a project, some whacky adventures with your fursonas, make your own series for youtube or maybe a animated gameplay where you can insert the game BUT instead of putting yourself up, i can put a furry character to play the game. If you are interested you can PM me and we can talk about the project you have in your mind. You can send me the material (Character reference, audio/video file, script of the animation etc.) by my personal email adress void.balareth@gmail.com and when the project is settled you will receive notifications about my progress and if there's something you don't like i will adjust it at your likings right away.

*** Important Info ***
All the payments must done first so i can start working, my paypal address is void.balareth@gmail.com, there's no refunds after the payment is done but i can fix your comission the times you need (not adding more stuff in the work, just editing that's why i need you to be as specific as possible at the time you start giving me details).

The request may take more than one day, however if you want me to send you by PM or email my progress of your request i can gladly do it, that way if you want me to change something in time it would be perfect

If you request NSFW art the deal will be done by PM only since i cannot put any samples here and also i need you to confirm me you are over 18 years old (simply say in the message something like "hey i have more than 18 years old and i want this" or some sort).

If you are purchasing a animation product keep in mind that i'm only a animator, i can offer my voice if you want but if you have an audio file please send it to my email adress.

Also keep in mind that if you want me to do a music video remember the copyright laws in case the music video is removed, i will always have the file with me so in case you lose it, i can give you a copy for free

All my works will have my signature.

I'm not increasing prices for more than one character or detailed style but keep in mind that it may take a bit longer.

All the Do's and Don't in the NSFW will be explained via PM.

If you have some question please let me know.

Thank you!
Your visit is very important to me and i hope you enjoy your stay here, If you want to help me but don't have money to purchase a product you can always help greatly by sharing the link of my shop with your friends and contacts, spread the word and make this place even bigger, that would be a sweet gesture of you.
Thank you for stopping by and i send you all my best wishes to you!


this is some nice stuff
For 5 usd
The quality is really good for what you pay for


this is some nice stuff
For 5 usd
The quality is really good for what you pay for

Thank you, you won't be desapointed, you can try me if you want, everything is original vector art made by yours truly, prices are low since i'm not professional but i try hard. Also to help you and help me in the best, quickest and fun way possible, quality service guaranteed at best price possible.