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Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?


The hell am I reading, here?
40% off today on Steam. ME1 is also 5bux.

This thread isn't that old, just deal.

The 4th gate

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Of course ME2 is the best game ever! But mainly because of the amazing story.


;(. I liked ME1 better cause of Wrex. He was so awesome, and wasn't playable in ME2!! In all seriousness, ME2 was fantastic. The way the story curved around your actions made the world feel almost real. It was a fantastic experience.


Lady of the lake
i love bioware so much^^

edit: also
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Lady of the lake
I remember this as well. I had to reload my game to make sure I read it right.

the video in my edit kinda makes me regret that i played a paragon shepard X3