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Max Payne


Okay, I know at least one of you has already seen it. So... did they include the game's theme music?


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i saw the movie, but have not played the game. so i cant give an answer here :/

although the movie was pretty good in my opinion.


I heard they derived a lot from the game's plot, but then again, what movie based on a game doesn't?


Only a Book Smart Nerd
I heard it stinked and steered away from Wahlberg since I thought of what I saw of his role being played in The Happening TV spots and the whole movie itself had cursed him into being in more bad movies for the rest of the year.

Sabine Sommer

Nurburgring Otter
There's recognizable musical queues. I don't remember hearing the theme off hand.

As for the movie itself? The biggest issue I had was that it felt like it was trying too hard to shoehorn itself into a legitimate crime drama.

If you're a fan of the games, it took plot points that were small, and made them big, and made the more interesting points a bit too condensed for their own good (Aesir, etc.). The whole mob boss angle was castrated and dilluted. Sucre Lupino looks like he came back from BlizzCon or something like that, and is portrayed as just some psycho as opposed to the head of one of the mob bosses. Vlad isn't even mentioned or seen (made me sad. :p). I will say they made Bravura's character a bit more interesting (then again, I kinda like Ludacris as a actor when he keeps his charmisma in check).

I could really forgive alot of that, but there's another bullet point to the movie. Not a lot of action. Yes, I'll agree that the Max Payne story was fun and interesting, but let's face facts, all it really provided was a motive behind all the sexy violence way back when we were caressing our Voodoo cards (or Xbox/PS2). There's not alot in it, and whether that's to hit the PG-13 rating or a consience choice between both the scribe and the director alike, I have no idea.

As a whole, the movie isn't a total failure. The art direction in regards to Valkyr are pretty neat and consistant throughout the movie, and when there's action on screen, it is pretty neat. You'll get a kick out of seeing Mona, Roscoe Street, Ragnarock and the Aesir building and Wahlberg can actually come across as that bastard anti-hero we all know and love. If for some reason they do go and make the sequel, give Mila Kunis some basic knowledge on how to hold a gun. I'm hardly any firearm expert, but it just looked awkward.

I guess I'm disappointed because the elements of a good movie were there, it just needed a bit more refining and a better director/screenplay. I know that whenever you take media from game/book to film, you need to try and pander to the largest audience, but there's a line that you need to draw. To make a comparison, it's like going to buy whatever your big holiday action title of choice is and finding they made it into a point and click adventure, just so it wouldn't come across as one of "those" violent games. You see a lot of the things you like, but it still comes across as stilted and clicking use Lancer on Locust lacks the same punch as holding down the right trigger. I wonder what the director for Shoot 'Em Up would have done with this. A similar, tounge-in-cheek, over the top approach would have done better.

All in all, I have to agree. It was "entertaining." If you're a fan and must go out to see a movie, go see it with a friend or two. You can argue at the inconsistancies and mock. Otherwise, I'd recommend to go see Nick and Norah's Infiniate Playlist, but that's on its way out. Go see Madagascar 2, or wait (unless you're in the UK) to go see Quantum of Solace for your action fix.