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May 2010 = June 2009 (Somewhat)


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And twice as shiny
List of notable deaths in May 24-31, 2010:

Paul Gray (May 24)
Art Linkletter (Two days ago)
Stephen Perry (Found two days ago)
Gary Coleman (Yesterday)
Dennis Hopper (Today)

List of notable deaths in June 23-30, 2009:

Ed McMahon (June 23)
Farrah Fawcett (June 25)
Michael Jackson (June 25)
Billy Mays (June 28 )

Ok, sure. More famous stars died last year, but do you still see what I'm talking about?
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So Graceful and Phallic
Oh god, I hope Harrison Ford doesn't die, hes the only person I would be sad about. Or John Cleese.


Kira is back D:

It's worse than that. Hollywood, in their sick, twisted campaign for money and power, have gotten ahold of a real Death Note to use in their film adaptation of the series! This is all a huge viral campaign for that film! D:


Hit 'em right between the eyes
Yeah probably a Death Note. :p