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May I ask if Beta has a future Update anytime?


Lord of Potatoes
Will there be an FA Beta Update in the near future?
It is completely okay if there is no update soon for the Beta Layout, I'm just curious about it. I really enjoy when
it updates because I find it fun to see the changes. I also think it's interesting to read everyone's feedback on it.
Ummm, also for the next time it does update, could you include in the journal how to change the layout into
Beta mode for users who do not yet know how to access it? I always see a lot of folks ask how to change it to
check it out when the update journals appear. (I'll add this in my own post just in case as well)

If there's no update soon, please don't be rushed by my question. I'd rather wait for you to be comfortable with the next update.

(How to change to and from Beta)
My FA > Account Management > Account Settings > In the "Style" Section change from Classic to Beta
NOTICE: Currently at this moment of posting, beta has a small issue with older mobile phone's default browser, so if you are a mobile
user and want to check it out, I recommend using chrome or something else on mobile when doing the switch. It's not navigable at the
moment if your phone is too old.


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Yes. =) I'm a bit behind on where I want to be but I am working on smaller chunks for the Beta. Ideally, I'm hoping to have some out next week or the week thereafter (mostly mobile improvements).