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May i get a headshot icon of this character please?


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
Hiya, I'm a routine player of Secondlife, and have found myself often wearing a mouse avatar for the past month or so, and she's become a sort of secondary character of mine, although nameless still. But seeing as how she's taken front seat as my prime avatar of choice, i'd like to get a little artwork of her done. I picture her as either a very bright bubby character or a shy sweet little lady. either seems to work for her, given her look.

She is actually based on my mouse av on Transformice, made in SL to look as much like the avatar as possible.. and now i'm looking for art of this little mouse. lol

Reference shots:

I'd just love to have a nice little bit of artwork to use as an icon of this little sweety for me to use on FA and perhaps as a SL profile pic.
Thanks so much guys. :3
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Party Cat
Is that a mouse wearing a cat eared hat? That is a amusing if that's the case.


Party Cat

Here you go!
Image can be found here..... http://www.furaffinity.net/full/10541295/
Thanks for letting me practice using Paint Tool Sai with your character.


The Grain of Salt
Hmm... I'll take this. I'll add you to my request journal. It might be a while before I start on it. Is that alright?