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may i'm alone with mental blocking?


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hello people , i have some issues since a long time ago , when i want to do some thing in love in general , or i would like to practice to be better i always feel anxious, or to ashamed like god is watching me, and i do nothing at all , i stay home and do nothing .

but when i have to go to work, i do, but i am too much anxious and it ruin my mind wich is almost no good.

it lasts for years , and i'm realy hopeless of this situation, i never meet people with this situation, some say they procastinate , but a least they acomplish there task.

me not...

and it fear me like hell, so i wonder if any of you are in similar cas and, if you have found the resources to get out of it and have a normal life anymore?

thank to have take time to read this.


Im like you. When i want to do something new i get anxious and doubtful. But I don't let that stop me from doing it. Just sit back, take some deep breaths and simplify your thoughts. If you start thinking about the what if's and the maybes, you'll just create a reason to not do the things you want to do. Don't waste all your time and energy on over thinking situations.


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but, if it's something that you practice since a little time, and you can't hold your activitie, because it's like a avalanche of shame , doubtful, everytime you're going to start it.

i used to draw even if i wasn't good at it when i was 14 , it wasn't hard to start and i have take enjoyement. but now, it's hard to start for any activity i would like todo, it's sound simple and everybody wouldn't encounter this problem ,they would say:

"if you enjoy something, do it !", that all

i don't know what realy wrong with me, maybe i souffer for a mental diseast and i don't know how to "deal" with it ?
It sounds like you need to take a break from trying to force yourself to do things you enjoy, like drawing.

If you force it, it won't be fun. It's a passion, but you won't always have the drive to do it.

Maybe try starting a new hobby or playing a sport? If you don't like the new thing, try something else. Or try showing people your old art, maybe they can encourage you to draw more or give you some ideas on what to draw.


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it's been for year i'm forcing, to do things a enjoy ,as you said like doing sport or a new hobby don't help , or do nothing don't too .

i look desesperat in any case , and it go worse , i 'm sorry do bother you with that .


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I have OCD, and run into this problem an awful lot. Everything I do feels trivial and like I'll never get any better at it, and I'll feel anxious like I'm not enjoying it even whenever I think about it and genuinely have wanted to do it forever.

Wish I had more advice, but I'm not a psychologist, and I still often deal with the above, similar to your, issue.


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you mean i could suffer of ocd ? i have got this when i was kid, plus, when i would do something like close a door , it have to be in the same patern , or i could focus 5 minus or more on it until i was satisfied.

and what a good satisfed feeling to do more compulsif patern until the end of the day. i have to say ,everytime i saw a new post on here , i go downstraire , drink water,go back to my room , read , and finally write .

i do that everythime i do something new because i feel insecure i think, it's a ritual without consantement .

i have to say it let me perplexed.