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Maybe a solution for video upload ?


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(Edit: I think I posted this thread not on the good forum, should be forums.furaffinity.net: Suggestion Box, sorry for the inconvenience!)

Yes, I already read older posts about video and I know the current limitations:
  • Video needs heavy storage space (It is not easy find the good settings for codecs to have a small size video with ok/nice quality).
  • Video needs heavy bandwidth.
All of these are really expansive problems.

(If curious, here some links to older posts: Furaffinity new future ! ( uploading videos ), forums.furaffinity.net: Flashplayer Drop in 2020)

But, maybe a clue to reduce this cost can be found in the open-source project like PeerTube (Take back control of your videos! JoinPeerTube).

There is a nice video to explain the project on their website, but the main things are:
  • Not all videos can be store only on one server: Links between servers can be made to create a video big network, and then "share" storage space and bandwidth.
  • When a video is played by more than one user, a peer-to-peer system are made between users to save the server bandwidth.
  • For your own server, you can choose: how many storage allowed by user, links to make with other PeerTube servers.
  • The source code is accessible and can be changed to customized and make it your own.
Obviously, it is not the "perfect" solution and needs investigations. But I think it is nice enough to be share with you :D.
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