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Maybe looking for someone to rp as my sona's mate

So I designed a lesbian mate for my sona but I'd love to be able to rp the two together.
I've also semi designed the world they live in and have some ideas for some starters.
If you're interested in the character below here's some prerequisites before you apply for the spot.
You must be over 18 though a more mature woman is ideal as it would be closer to the character if you can play the part so be it.
You must be willing to play the character none of that 'I'm gonna message this person so maybe they'll rp with my character!"
At least semi lit and decent responses no one word replies.
Finally be open sexually, rose is kinda unexplored sexually, so I'll want to test out some things but I do have a hunch that she'll be into a bit of the MD/lg area of kink.

If this still interests you here's Rose's info, followed by Lilac's info (lilac is the character you'll be playing) and the few notes I have of the world.

docs.google.com: Lilac and Rose