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(Me) predator vampire anthro X (you) non vampire pray anthro (mxm)


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In a world where Predator and pray live side by side in relative peace, vampires exist. That's common knowledge. They are looked down upon due to bad press and propaganda. Very few people actually know how much of it is true, and even less really and truthfully care. My character is a (insert Predator animal here). You are a (insert pray animal here). While it's completely normal for pray and Predator to have a relationship, and even have kids together. For a prey to have a relationship with a predator that's also a vampire is very frowned upon.

You always knew that I like to keep things close to the chest. you knew that I was strong. I was fast even though I didn't look like I would be. even though I was a ________, you were none the wiser that I was an vampire.

You and Me grew up together since we were kids. We went to the same school and even went to the same College once we got older. When we got to college we actually became roommates.

shortly after getting home from college you and me are both bombarded by our parents, each of us wanting to do something completely different to what our parents want.

Walking down the road, we see a stand for a raffle. One of many that started throughout the city. they always have something special for the top prize.

every once in awhile I enter and win myself enough money to get myself a week supply of blood. Little did I know that as you and I talked, and the crank turned for the raffle, the gold ball would drop and I would get the grand prize.

Right as you joked about moving to another planet and leaving our parents behind us. As if by Fate the owner of the raffle Booth told me the grand prize was a trip for two to another plant. Before I could say anything you grabbed my hand and said, “were in!”

I looked at you, part of me wanted to tell you that you were completely insane. Then I thought about it, and thought to myself “what the heck.” you took the tickets and set up to leave in a week.

We packed our things and said we were going on a trip. We were going to tell our families after we got to the next planet that we weren't coming back. I gave my mom a kiss. My little brother looked at me with a face that said what are you up to, and I tried to ignore his gaze.

After I got everything packed my mom caught me packing one too many things for a short trip, And wondered what I was doing. I lied saying, “I wanted to be prepared.” She said to be careful, and to have fun, and then gave me the old don't tell anybody speech.

I left the house that night. I traveled on foot to the rocket pad. It wasn't difficult for me since I was a vampire. It gave me time to think, and figure out what I was going to do. When I saw you standing at the pad waiting for me, I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind.

We both handed in our tickets, and got onboard. we were intrigued to find that no one was on the rocket. It was just, you, me and the robot attendant. I saw that as a red flag.

I ignored my instincts, then I sat down, and buckled myself in with as many seat belts, and layers of protection as I could. you had one seat belt that had four connections that went across your chest. I had that, plus two other seat belt. a pillow suit a crash helmet. (roleplay starts here)