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Me Stupid, you Jane


Your brain cells are mine
So I've posted in a couple free art threads in the Art Exchange forum, and I've just figured something out. FUCK I DON'T HAVE REFS.
No, I'm not goddamn asking for free refs, keep reading.
I am merely wondering if any of you artists are able to draw portraits using only a fursona, and no refs.
Thank you.

Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
If you mean doing character design, yes.

But you have to ask questions and try to go for specifics.

For example, you can tell me your "fursona is a big brown monster"

How big?
What kind of Brown
Is there more features that distinguish it?
A scary monster?
A misunderstood monster?


Your brain cells are mine
you have to ask questions and try to go for specifics.
How about "Riho, being a fox/wolf hybrid, is mainly red, but with rather strange splotches of gray throughout his body. His ears, large with many notches in the side, are a common topic of ridicule. With Riho's ears, strange color mix, and large scar on his nose, followed by a long snout, Riho is not universally accepted around his hometown."

That work?

Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
What kind of strange splotches.
Notches I'm assuming tears of course.
What is strange about the color mix?

How long is his snout, is the snout a stranger shape than the mix of Wolf/Fox?

I can interpret things one way, but a good way to figure out how you are imagining this character is to keep asking questions

Does this character walk upright or is it more feral looking/4 legged?
What is his height?
What is his build? Is he skinny/average. Does he pose a particular way due to being mistreated?


Your brain cells are mine
Not only did you answer my question, you gave me things to think about for my fursona. Many thanks!