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Medicaid Insurance: Proof Of Income From Commissions?


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Hi everybody. I've been pretty anxious about this for the past few days. Does anybody here have experience or knowledge about reporting commissions as proof of income?

I am applying for Medicaid and my case manager said I need proof of income for the past few months. I am getting info from my other jobs, but I made the mistake of telling her that I did commissions for some income and now she wants proof of them. Most of them are for furries I met online... she said that she wants written proof from each person that I did these commissions and for how much < : (

A lot of my commissions are SFW which is not a big deal, and I haven't made enough at all for them to be taxed (I don't even own an LLC!), but I feel very uncomfortable soliciting my past clients to provide their names to this case and becoming tangentially involved in my personal matters.

I suppose which ones I don't report won't hurt me, but she told me I need to report them (I said "at least ten"... f*** me) or else she will close my case.

So does anybody else have experience doing this? I would like some advice on just... what to do. What do I say to these commissioners? Do I say anything at all? Should I double check if this is even necessary?



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In your Paypal page, under "Reports," you'll get the option to download a summary of your activity. There, you can request a report of your all your balance affecting activity (Money in and out) for whatever time period you want to specify, in PDF format (and other formats) so it's easy to print. It'll take a while to process, but after that's done, you'll have a PDF of your completed payments.

Edit: If you aren't already, consider using Paypal invoices for future commissions. They generate their own record of payment so you don't have to call down activity reports all the time, they make things even easier on your customers, and they look highly professional to boot.
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