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Meet At Jillinas on Feb 21st In north Eastern Ohio/ Western PA


Now known As Orgee The Lombax
I didnt know where to post This... so I figured no better place than here

Whoever wants to go is welcome....There is Pool, bowling, and a game room. Also, Jillians in in the mall, so asides from the food and attractions to be had there, we also have the option to walk the mall, shop, and go to the food court. We will be there from 3-9 and I MAY be able to offer a few of you a place to stay the night and play games n' shit afterward. I would like to plan a specific time for everyone to meet up and grab a bite to eat and get some pictures or whatever.... I was thinking about 6 PM.

7401 Market Street
Southern Park Mall
Boardman, OH 44512-5695

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Now known As Orgee The Lombax
lol, no buttrape ^_^ It's actually a Neofurs event (http://neofurs.org/)
That Im trying to promote.. Also In the process of finding all local furs to join out boards.


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Right. Probably would have gone down better in the conventioneering board, and if you had provided more information. As it stands, I'm unable to attend, but I really hope you have fun there!