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Meet in Memory of RedSavage


Hey guys.

I'm sure a lot of us can't go to the memorial service in Texas due to it being too far to travel. With this in mind, would anyone be up to planning a few memorial meets in our respective areas? I live in Georgia and would love to arrange to meet a few furs and maybe have a candlelight vigil or something.

Thanks for reading guys.


Pepmurrmint Fox
Me and a couple of people are going to be having our own memorial in Philadelphia please feel free to contact me via Skype joelemcgraw


And hell, if anyone makes it to TFF next year, my friends and I are planning on having a room party/get together in her memory.


Maybe instead of that...
A videoconference?
I can't go to the US, visas and thing, I'm alone here in Poland. And I have my job. But a videoconference would allow me to be with you.


A video conference could possibly happen, but time zones would be hard to work with.

I wish I could make it to TFF :/

Mcjoel -- I'll Skype you.


I'm planning to have my own little candlelight vigil tomorrow night. I'm gonna write something for her and print out a picture of her character and just go from there. I'd still love to meet up with some people, though.


The Creationist of Monsters
I do not mean to sound rude or be disrespectful, but who is RedSavage?


A video conference could possibly happen, but time zones would be hard to work with.

I don't care. I can join at whatever time you want me to.
And I mean a meet connected with videoconference. A wall, projector and a camera will be enough, for us, people from outside of the US to participate.

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
Red and MILO .TWO people were involved. Give your fucking respects


There is a possibility I might be a TFF but anyways I will light a candle for them both tonight :(
Will really miss seeing Reds posts on here...just only found out about their death a few minutes ago on FA...
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Just another Metalhead
I didn't know Milo, so I'm nowhere near as devastated. I am saddened by his passing, but Red's is what is affecting me most.

I plan in doing a candlelight thing tonight.

Agreed. Im sure Milo was as much a great person as Red was but I never knew him. The most I can feel for him is sadness as a stranger. But I knew Red. Maybe not good enough to call her a friend but to know that she was one of the best friends someone can have. Ever. Thats why it affects me more