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Meet Local Furries


I live in this country: USA (Georgia)
My age is: 29
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Straight Heterosexual
My hobbies include: Videogames, tabletop games (Warhammer mostly now), making art on DA, roleplaying, running outside with my dogs, shooting guns, a lot of yeehaw redneck stuff, writing stories.


Lucas, the wanderer
I live in this country: USA, California
My age is: 27
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bi curious, female preference
My hobbies include: Gaming, mostly. Little bit of guitar, did some covers of video-game songs. Not amazing by any means. Besides some web surfing, that's about it.


I live in this country: Germany
My age is: 28
My gender is: Nongendered. I've identified as agender, genderless, nonbinary, faggot, and just plain queer at other times too.
My sexuality is: pan, prefer people with penises
My hobbies include:
- programming
- reading -- big sci-fi fan
- cooking -- vegan for 5+ years now
- music -- I used to play piano and also make electronic music, not so much anymore
- gaming
- board games


I live in this country: United States (California)
My age is: 24
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bi (Single)
My hobbies include: record collecting, playing music, drawing, recreational driving, drinking, hanging out with friends.


Well-Known Member
I live in this country: New York (Manhathan)
My age is: 30
My gender is: F
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My hobbies include: Video games, studying, gym, art, Youtube, DIY projects, pet care, obscure music and stealing the hearts of millions.. Just kidding with that last one of course lol.


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this tread is at this point. But if it's something like get to know your forum fellows better, then...

I live in this country: Poland, southeast (aka the backwater part).
My age is: 37
My gender is: M
My sexuality is: straight, taken.
My hobbies include: bringing realism to the furry art with advanced 3D (now with animations), astronomy and cosmology, finding out about obscure species nobody knows, aviation, sea, ships, boats and that kind of stuff, tinkering with things and fixing them (everything from furniture to electronics), shooting, hiking, cycling. I'm very much a cat person. Music-wise I like metal, industrial, aggrotech and more energetic psytrance (esp. so-called "nitzhonot/nitzhogoa" variety).


*old vine reference here*
I'm new and lonely, so I figured why not. :3

I live in this country: UK (London currently. Maybe moving soon, but will probably remain in the southeast)
My age is: 27
My gender is: Nonbinary
My sexuality is: Lesbian
My hobbies include: Arts and crafts, disney and dreamworks movies, animals, adventures, spirituality (I'm a pagan witch), and occasionally anime and video games. Since I'm autistic/adhd I also get hyperfixated on random things.


I live in this country: U.S. (Tennessee)
My age is: 24
My gender is: Nonbinary (Demiboy)
My sexuality is: Bi, fem-leaning
My hobbies include: drawing, gaming, listening to music, watching anime, doing crafts!

my dms are always open !!! i'd love to make some local friends :'3 i live in the knoxville area if youre wondering further!