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Meet Local Furries


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So you deleted your account but came back?

There is a name change thread...


Autumn the Squirrel
So you deleted your account but came back?

There is a name change thread...

I had several emails and usernames I used online, so I knocked both down to one. Figured I'd just start over everywhere as not every platform, service, etc. lets you change your username.

I'd say it's worth it in the long run.

Deleted member 82554

Well, now you can change your name here so that solves that problem. Unless you're the type that tries to cover their shady past by deleting said account. A lot of people do that..


Autumn the Squirrel
Well, now you can change your name here so that solves that problem. Unless you're the type that tries to cover their shady past by deleting said account. A lot of people do that..

Aside from that one incident involving a lemon and a pencil sharpener, I have nothing to hide from.

Deleted member 82554

Oh, a lemon and a pencil sharpener?

Sounds kinky...

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Wow there are so many western Furs here, just as I expected! By the way, if I may:

I live in this country: Korea (South, Seoul)
My age is: 21 (I thought I was 22 (23 in Korea) but the site says 21 so.. meh. I'm '98)
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Any (I'm still confused but I still live)
My hobbies include: Art (digital arts), music (OSTs and stuff), gaming (PC, Android and NDS), RP (especially stories and setups) and airsoft (I like the gun itself basically)

The following are tl;drs if you want to know further as a potential pal: (Skip it if you're not too free)

The virus is a global issue as you all know, and I have to admit that Korea is doing well dealing with it. Some victims still keep emerging but the public routine still goes on alongside the quarantine. It really makes me think Koreans are excellent at chopping someone out and fending the remains, not just the quarantine but also many stuff other than the quarantine itself. :/
Aside from this virus issue, half of the Koreans (if not most) tend to have low to average skills of English. (While some of them are 0) Korea had been abusing English since late 20th century, and most of them don't even make sense when spoken in English.(We call it 'Konglish') And this kept inheriting until nowadays, causing many Koreans confused, leading to poor grammar and word choices. I might be riding the same train so I'd like to apologize if I'm saying anything wrong.

Koreans, unlike Americans(as I know), are not used to being independent from their family at 13, instead it's 18~29. And during that period, Korean males join the military of all sorts which is set by law. (Sadly, we're in a war with our brother, North Korea) Most of the case, Korean males are blamed if not socially isolated when they haven't served in the military during that age. Of course, as I'm legally a male, I joined and serviced in the Airforce MP.
I had hypoglycemia since birth, and that kept me from experiencing casual growth and activities most peers do for years. They say I almost lost my intellect but fortunately not. However, I still act and feel like I'm not actually grown...I think it's a curse. Anyways, while it may be childish, it'll be better to consider me as -4 years old or more. Many Koreans said they thought I was younger than I actually do, so maybe that makes sense.

Gender & sexuality:
While legally being a male, I really don't find anything that suggests I'm definitely a male other than that I go to male public bathrooms.(I don't wanna ride a police car for that) Even after servicing in the military, I don't feel like being completely male. (Korean women may join the army too, but with higher ranks than obligated males.)
I used to have 3 gfs and 4 bfs (least certain amount) and I never feel bad unless others blame me being against old culture. And if this would help explaining any bit more, as long as my memory serves right, there are as much girls as boys in my 'good pal' list back when I was a kid. I have no problems hanging out with both genders, hence any genders that doesn't fit as either male or female. Feel free to have a boy or a girl as your new pal, if you won't mind. :p

Art. I mainly do digital art which is handy thanks to the layer function. Art is one of the stuff that was alongside me even before I succeeded to speak language decently. I can draw animals, furries and some humans with tools and vehicles. My profession is at weapon and vehicle designs. I love SciFi and Fantasy stuff most.

Music. While not capable of playing any instrument half decent, I really love listening to musics. Classical, retro, rock and hybrid of them are my choice. Few movie OSTs and many videogame OSTs had brought me there, AceCombat, StarCraft, Destiny, PlanetSide, PokemonMD, etc. Now I'm making my own music thanks to MidSequer on Android, and much more rearrangements/remixes from existing OSTs.

Gaming. I used to play GameBoy when I was young, then DS, and now using PC and Android-NDS emulator. There are so many games that I used to play but only a few of them are still being played due to the devolving patches and updates of greedy developers or just me losing interests. There are so many that I can't list on, but it's likely that I can recognize which game you're talking about. The games I'm playing on PC currently are StarCraft2, Destiny2, WoT Blitz, and FinalFantasyXIV MMO. And NDS emu games being Pokemon MD:EoS, Pt, BW and BW2. All the games I have played give me plenty of inspirations on setups, musics and art. Oh and not to declude that I major in game development in university, which I'm taking my time off for now.

Role-playing. RP is the central of my creativity. My art, meeting the setups shines in RP, which makes me feel proud. I used to run a group of people for RP, and the best part was that it's so unpredictable and fresh as those who I don't read their thoughts joins the party with their own ideas and concepts. The fun part is that I can test something that I usually won't in real life and end up getting bad. It's still an RP, everyone knows it, so we can simply have fun with the interactions of characters and the fictional universe without worrying too much. (Unless I don't want my OCs to get in a bad situation :p)

Airsoft. Sometimes it's just not enough viewing something you like in medias, then you can offer yourself a real life alternative to them! When I can't watch the same movie the 10th time, or when I'm too sick of doing my best every match against my opponents, the airsoft weapons are there for me. I don't know why, but I find it pleasant to do the reloads, try out various motions of reloading and try out various mix of attachments that medias won't allow.
I also enjoy watching airsoft videos and see what happens when the player do this or do that, which is impossible for me since the government considers airsoft activities and weapons lethal and restricts so many things. (Not to mention that personal defense firearms are illegal in Korea, unlike U.S.) Because of this law, or otherwise, the airsoft firearms of Korea tend to be designed too far off from the original weapons thus it's hard to find one that's good to handle with. Despite this, I have bought some of the best out there to fulfill my desire. Maybe I'll be able to buy actually functional products from overseas later when I gather more money. And not only these, the airsoft weapons actually help me understand to design my own functional and fictional weapons. Plus, I used to handle rifles and ammos when servicing in MP.
This is the end of the tl;drs.

I'm already in contact with a few of Korean furs but I'd be glad to see more! But since the majority of Koreans are full of toxicity(or at least that's how I experienced for about recent 10 years), it's most likely that it'll take some time to get along with if you're Korean... To discover whether this new Korean friend is a decent person. But still, furs are always welcome!
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Autumn the Squirrel
Replies have slowed, but it seems to be alive enough to be put on life support.

I live in this country: Canada (New Brunswick)
My age is: 22
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My hobbies include: Drawing, writing, gaming, cleaning and restoring older electronics, other general geeky stuff

Vitamin B12

Ultimate Space-faring Fox
I live in this country: USA (Boulder, Colorado)
My Age Is: 20

My Gender is: male

My Sexuality is: Heterosexual/straight

My Hobbies Include: Gaming, game design, running, music, binge watching tv while stuffing my face with food, and most recently drawing!

I was actually disappointed by the lack of information about furries in my area, so I’m hoping someone here’s is nearby!

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
I live in this country: United States (Galesburg, Illinois)
My age is: 24
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: girls and male-to-female transgenders; would prefer as-born girls, but I'll take an MTF so long as you're nice to me and you aren't too weird. :3
My hobbies include: trains, vehicles in general really, Sims 4, listening to music and music history, history in general, writing, and going for a drive out in the country with no destination in mind

I knew of at least one other furry who lived in Galesburg, but we didn't talk to each other that much, and they seemed to be having some serious problems outside of Discord. After a certain point, they just stopped talking to me, and I stopped talking to them because they never seemed to be online. I don't know what happened to them, I just hope they're okay. They were the only other furry I've met from the area. Everybody else I know from the area are a bronies [which I am as well].

Everybody else seems to be from Chicago, St Louis, or Peoria. It looks like there was a Quad Cities Fur Group. The Quad Cities isn't that far from me, so I would've been interested, but I have no idea what happened to it or if they're still together; they seem to have gone quiet in recent years.

Really, about the only other furry I've hung out with in real life is a snow leopard from the Chicagoland area. He's cool though. ^ ^
All the other furries I'm friends with are either outside the state or outside the country-, most of them are in the UK (glances at MetroFox and ConorHyena > w >).


Cold and Ugly
I live in this country: United States (Spokane, Washington)
My age is: 19
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My hobbies include: Animation, gaming, game design, writing, software development, odd music genres, surrealism and movie reviewing.

I love video games, mostly. Don't really have a job to speak of so I got a lot of time to myself to do that kind of stuff. I mostly play Postal 2, Doom/Doom Eternal, Fallout 4/New Vegas, Garry's Mod and more recently, Dying Light.
I also enjoy making surreal music and writing weird stories.
As for music, I have a long list of genres I like. Feel free to contact me if you want the full list of them. I warn ya, it's a pretty long list.
I don't know any local furries, nor have I really been to any conventions or anything like that.
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I live in this country: United States (Illinois except this state is a goddamn train wreck)
My age is: 18
My gender is: Female
My sexuality is: Bi and big stupid
My hobbies include: Gaming (weeb games; enough said), drawing, exercising, listening to weird assortments of music, sometimes watching TV/anime/Youtube, reading, spending time with family...accidentally zoning out for an hour and instantly regretting it.

My on and off hobbies that I wish to engage in more with a teacher at this point is playing guitar, learning to code, and learning Japanese. I also really want to try out fursuit head making on my own one day, but I'm not in the right environment for something that ballsy that yet.

Anyways, due to COVID and the looting/protesting situation, I'd kind of prefer to have online furry friends at the moment, local or not. I am a generally anxious person around people, too so...I make no promises.
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Autumn the Squirrel
How have the responses been? I was considering creating a new thread with alterations and with a heavier focus on dating. However, as this one is still fairly active, I want to know whether or not it's necessary.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
I live in this country: Narnia
My age is: 2000 years old. I mean.. 2000 years young.
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Lions
My hobbies include: Hunting witches, archery


♡ Lovely Baby ♡
I live in this country: United States (Seattle Area, Washington)
My age is: 16-20 years old
My gender is: Female (she/her)
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My hobbies include: Playing indie games (Minecraft, Stardew), art, writing/roleplaying, making friends and crime! :3


I live in this country: United States (West Virginia)
My age is: 28 years old
My gender is: Male (he/his)
My sexuality is: Bisexual (Though women tend to interest me more than men.)
My hobbies include: Video gaming, collecting toys, watching movies, writing.


I shall keep the beats
I live in this country: Canada (Quebec)
My age is: 19
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Gay
My hobbies include: my main interests are in video games but I'm a biiiiiig fan of rhythm games and music, as well with puzzle and mysteries games something like Professor Layton and Danganronpa (also I'm quite a big nintendo fan as well)

I can't go far on my own, gave up on my driving licence, i do have a bus pass buuuut it's very limited and can't go very far (not even have stops at Montreal)....
And due to the current virus thing well meetup has to wait....

Also would like to meet a furry for some... future plan of mine, moving in an appartment together.... only reason is... I just don't want to live alone, I want compagny at my side so it doesn't feel empty...


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
I live in this country: U.S.(Florida)
My age is: 30
My gender is: Male
My sexuality is: Bisexual
My hobbies include: Cooking, video games, nature walks, fossil collecting, drawing, reptile husbandry, making chainmail (been years but still have everything). Would like to get into fursuiting if I ever have the money to spare

Been lurking in the fandom for nearly 15 years but up till now have been too shy to put myself out there. I would love to meet other furries and chat or get together


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
I live in this country: U.S {WI}
My age is: 16
My gender is: I have no idea at this point XD
My sexuality is: I like guys
My hobbies include: Making friends, reading manga {anime in book form}, reading normal books {Obsessed with fantasy and magic}, hiking, photography, making tiktoks randomly

I'd really like to meet another furry to hang out with. Online furry friends are great and all but it would be so cool to have a furry friend irl!