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Meet Lupo - The Anthro-Wolf (and Leon too)


Ty 'Lupo' Lupus - The Anthro-Wolf​
The full moon hangs high up in the clear night sky, sending faint beams of moonlight through the thicks leaves of the trees of the woods. A shady figure emerges from a large burrow at the base of a staggering oak tree. His body extends to reveal himself as an anthro wolf. The only clothes he bears are severely ripped shorts with a blue camouflage pattern printed on them. The majority of his fur is a dark grey with a faint shade of red with electric blue highlights/tips in places, particularly the head and neck as well as a lighter patch of fur around his abdomen and chest. His body is medium defined but is still very strong. He has a long faint scar ranging from the left side of his chest to the middle/bottom of his abdomen. He also has various markings of different shades wrapping around the same area. His tail is heathy like a normal wolf with electric blue highlights. His ears are pointed with the left ear slightly dented. His hair is slightly messy where it hides the majority of his left eye. Both his eyes are green though his right eye is a bit lighter and more blue in shade. He wears a loose wooden necklace round his next with a metal dog tag attached with his nickname engraved on it. His name is Ty Lupus though he is normally referred to as Lupo. He stares at the moon but then he hears some twigs snaps. While his muzzle is pointing to the sky, his eyes roll down so they are staring right towards you while a cheeky but mysterious smile on his face, showing off his teeth.

He may be quite shy and timid but once you get you know him he can be very sweet and cares about his friends. He can also be manipulative if the situation calls for such deviancy. He loves the wildlife as well as a good storm. He is a very mysterious wolf.

Now for the real me... pretty much the same as my fursona, I love to wear shorts, I am mysterious and shy... though I'm a tad more fat hehe. Also my real name is Leon and I'm sorta a newbie furry, first properly started in September 2013 but only just got time to be more out there in the furrydom. I love Nintendo games, mainly the Zelda, Mario and Metroid one but I'm usually an all round gamer hehe I also love playing the piano, but more other people's songs (including video games music hehe) I have a few bits and pieces on my YouTube channel which should be linked on my FA page

I am absolutely crap at drawing so I will probably be expending a bunch of funds around here from time to time for commissions on my fursona... donations are welcome too (jk x3) What I am good at is Photography so that's what I'm mainly going to post on my FA page... maybe some prose too, people say my writing is creative haha

Uhhhh, what else... oh yeah! I really want to end up doing wildlife conservation and eventually move out to Oz to be a park ranger :3

I'm also desperate for a fursuit... you see if I was still working at Sainsbury's I could afford one haha!!!

Anywho, look forward in taking part in the community here, there are so many talented folk here

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Archmage of the Wandering Isle
lol nice
Welcome to the forums Lupo :D


The Arcane Sage
Welcome to the night. I mean forums! We of the dark forest, I mean internet, have all kinds of things in this place to enjoy, so have fun!


Nice description and welcome!!
I aim to please and entertain

And thankies for welcomies :3

Am off to bed now, but @everyone, feel free to ask me anything... pick my brains... not too hard though, I still have various exams to complete after all x3