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Fursuit Maker
This precious little bean's name is Georgie Sawyer! He's a Calico Cat, he works as a librarian, and is almost always depressed. He constantly needs hugs and reassurance from his friends... When it's rainy outside, he likes to sit on a windowsill and just think over a warm mug of milky tea. Librarian work is nice, but Georgie's true passion is cooking! He loves to see raw ingredients become a complex masterpiece!

He's an avid button collector! He's got about 2,381 different buttons in his portfolio and the collection is still growing. Anyways, when he's not stocking books or readjusting his suspenders, he likes to build card houses and sort out the colors of jellybeans. He may seem sort of boring, but once you get to know him and know how to handle him, he's a real swell fella! Give him a shout(not too loud though, he might have a panic attack...)! Oh and feel free to drop a suggestion of a character quirk! ^-^


(I based this character off of some of the disorders I have myself; I thought it would be an interesting way to cope! :p)