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Meet Roland


I'm not a furry if I have feathers.

(Art by Ringstudios)

General Info

Full name: Roland William Corvo

Age: 25

Height: 5’11”

Weight: ~125

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Assassin and serial killer

Species: Common Raven (Corvus Corax)/Cyborg

Preferred weapons: Telescopic blade, Glock series, Winchester 1887 (modernized), Railgun


Line of sight teleportation (LOST): The ability to teleport to any location within his line of sight, but he cannot go through solid objects.

Bend time: The ability to slow down or stop time time completely. Anything that he comes into contact with changes their path and momentum, which allows to interact with them as if he was in real time, once he stops making contact with them they go back to their frozen state. In the real world he will be moving faster than light which is enough to allow for the manipulation of time and won’t be noticed by anybody. However this doesn’t mean he can go backwards, he can only control the speed of it. Also he cannot manipulate it continuously, only for 60 seconds the most.

Hijack: Allows for him to possession living or dead organisms. Ranging from feral animals to other anthros and humans. Once inside the host, he can only move and interact with limited things. He also has a time limit for how long he is able to process the host. He is able to resist the possession from other entities as well.

Casting wind: He is able to cast a powerful blast of wind that will send objects flying for at least 15 feet. It will be fatal for those who hit a solid object while caught in the blast.

X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through solid objects and detect living beings and their line of sight.

Drone Summon: He has an ability to summon small armed drones from what appears to be a void, usually he copies their designs in reality and incorporates it into his powers.

Advanced Targeting Module: Enhances is ability to automatically target and track individual s. His accuracy has a circular error probable of almost 0.

Active Protection System: Creates a temporary electro magnetic shield to protect him from incoming projectiles, attacks, and other hazards.

Data link and Identification System: Roland has his own satellite that always is within range of him and the purpose of it is to store memories and events. He also has access to databases which he can use to identify anybody he meets.

Enhanced agility, marksmanship, and swordsmanship: Makes him move faster than any other individual and displays profound strength as well as combat skills.

Likes: Piano, poetry, flying, firearms, seeds, fruits, vegetables, animals, and friends (if applicable)

Dislikes: Criminals, bullies, show offs, ignorance, others showing affection to others, meat, fish, being oppressed/discriminated by other species, spiders, and his life

How he works:

Roland is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator that delivers about 6,000 watts for about 25 years until the fuel cells need to be replaced. The generator provides electricity either through wiring or specialized structure gel that also acts as a conduit. His heart, which is still technically alive, acts as a pump for the gel that provides electricity for his other critical components. His lungs have built in accumulators that convert air into liquid to cool down the isotopes. He cannot eat or drink anything other than water to also cool down the isotopes.

His brain is mostly a computer itself that processes everything he sees and maintains his systems as well. The computer is state of the art with 10 processors, 500 gigabytes of RAM, and about 20 terabytes of memory. But that is temporary memory since all of it is backed up and transmitted to a satellite build just for him to store all of the data and his memories. Besides all of the technological assets, he still has the capability to express emotions as well as considering other’s feelings, or does he?