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Meet: Toby Quartz (Lizard sona)


Heckin' Gecko
I thought it would be fun to post a bio/intro of some sort about my 'sona.
I'm going to be using the bio template from Just for kicks...Bio form.
Name: Toby Quartz
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Lizard Hybrid (Gecko + Chameleon)
Height: 3' 2" (Around 97 cm)
Weight: 30 lb (Around 14 kg)

Appearance: Lean build with green scales and darker green markings. (See image gallery below)
- Hair and fur: Pink "hair" (The "hair" on his head is long stylized scales)
- Markings: Dark green scar-like markings on various body parts, along with dark green claw mark on chest. Also has superhero-mask shaped marking on face. Has diamond shaped markings along tail.
- Eye color: Yellow
- Other features: Has small horns along jawline.
Behavior and Personality: Hyperactive, curious, optimistic, somewhat of a numbskull (but can figure things out on his own when given time), hot headed.

Skills: Speed and dexterity due to his lean but strong build. As a lizard, he can regrow his limbs or tail, but it takes a lot of energy. Also has some knowledge in magic arts, with his specialty being healing and support spells.
Weaknesses: Extreme cold, confrontation, is not very physically strong, can get hot headed and lose focus easily

Likes: Sweets, exciting music, running fast, drawing, reading, writing
Dislikes: Intense combat, loud noises, cold, being put on the spot, making others disappointed/upset

History: Toby was born in a typical fantasy world with magic as a normal part of their world. Reptiles in his world weren't typically wizards, and were often big strong warriors, but his scrawny build had him fail all of the warrior training that was thrown at him, not that he even wanted to train to be a warrior in the first place.
He took up mage school and started leaning various spells, though he wasn't very great at it. He somehow managed to graduate and yet still sucks at most spells. People believe his graduation was more out of pity.
He sort of travels around alone, exploring places, and failing to make friends due to his awkwardness.

Clothing/Personal Style: Often likes to wear a hooded cloak with ears, and tie it on with a collar. Under that, he'll wear a crop-top type of shirt, along with baggy shorts and fingerless gloves and socks. (Yep, fingerless socks. Intelligence 100.)

Goal: Wants to be a great friend to someone and an amazing behind-the-scenes healer. He doesn't want fame however.
Profession: Mage - Healer
Personal quote: "aaaaaaa"
Theme song:
(Even though I make my own music, this song by this talented artist is really amazing and I feel fits my character pretty well with it's sound.)
Birthdate: Since he's from another world, they don't have time exactly like Earth, but using Earth time, he'd be born October 16th, 2000.

Favorite food: Minty chocolate
Favorite drink: Root beer
Favorite location: Old desert ruins near his hometown.
Favorite weather: Warm sunny morning or heavy pouring rain.
Favorite color: Yellow

Least liked food: Cold cheddar cheese. (Melted is great though.)
Least liked drink: Coconut soda pop. Yep.
Least liked location: Volcano cliffsides.
Least liked weather: Cold blizzard

Friends: None
Enemies: None
Significant other: None
Orientation: Gay

Main art:

Some Pixel Art because:

I may have gone a bit overboard with a whole backstory and lore but hey! I have a lot of fun making characters like that.
Tell me, what do you think of my sona? Anything you like or dislike about them? What do you think of their design and art?