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Meeting furries in the wild.


Little Fox
So the other night I was out at a bar hosting an EDM event that I go to every few weeks. I usually go wearing glow bracelets to give to people and ears and a tail because that's pretty acceptable in that scene. So I'm dancing my lil' heart out having a blast and I glance over at the pool table. There is a guy hanging out with a group of other guys but he's wearing a tail? So I go over and start a conversation with him. I ask him about the tail, and it turns out, yup, he's a furry. We talk for a bit and exchange information and I end up hanging out with him and his friends for a bit, but obviously, back to dancing.

Long story short, that was my first random encounter with another furry. I think I was honestly more friendly with him than I would have been outside that fact. I just feel a sense of innate community with others in the fandom, but I felt kinda bad knowing I probably wouldn't have tried to befriend him otherwise.

Anyhow, I'd like to hear about some of your random encounters with other furs, positive or negative!

Mr. Sparta

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I notice them. Some make it pretty obvious. I don't try to display it myself.

But there's a forum member here that lives in the same city as me. Not only that, we might be hanging out in the same places.

It's only a matter of time.


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I've met a couple of of furs in real life. One was a ticket taker at the movie theater and I found out when he mentioned he draws furs after a discussion started when he noticed I was carrying a sketch pad. The other was a guy I knew I high school for a couple of years but I didn't find out till much later when his girlfriend told me when she figured out I was a furry when I when to a Halloween party as Wolf O'Donnell. I think I've met a couple others but I'm not sure since most furs in the part of the country are more subtle.
I hope one day I'll get something like. I hope to see some around one of my Local towns, Since there are a few Furries there, Even though I know a few on the Internet, Meeting some offline would be so much better :D


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No and I'd like to keep it that way since people who actively tell people they're furries irl are usually complete spergs.


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I actually met a fellow fur the other day at school! She was just introduced to me as a friend I had yet to meet of a close friend, and I noticed she had a sketchbook, as did I. We showed each other some art, and she apparently drew a lot of furry art. She's really good too. She said she had a FA account for a while, but couldn't really figure out fully how to use the site.

Nonetheless, we're good friends now and we both envy each others' art ability. xD


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I originally met furries in person before I knew about them online. And since, I've called out at least 3 furs accurately, including my fiancé, and have met a decent amount without prior knowledge or contact.


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I thought the title was literal... and I was gonna be like; who goes out into uncivilized areas and meets other furries?

Yeah but I've met like 3 furs randomly and it really wasn't that big of a deal


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I saw someone in my school wearing a tail and ears once. I feel bad that I did one of these. I guess if the setting wasn't in the middle of school, I would've started a chat.
I've had a couple of "close encounters" but I was too much of a wuss to say anything. I've also been covertly watching several furries from my university on FA (like that's not creepy at all) I actually found the FA of a girl who I've had a few art classes with, but I'll likely just hang in the shadows until one of them notices me instead of trying to approach any of them.

I also noticed someone wearing a brony hat at the same place where I work (same building, different location) and it looked like he was drawing an anthro deer or something. I ALMOST said "hey, cool drawing" but I fucking didn't. Oh well, he was a brony anyway :V
There was this one guy I just randomly met while shopping for groceries one day. We just started talking randomly, and we met again later that day. He was with a friend who was a bit shy around me at first, but he quickly came around. We were just talking about random things, and the topic kinda just came across furries when he joked about me being hot as a fox. It was just a silly joke, and we laughed it off, but the other guy just sorta asked if I was bothered by that, and so it started. Turns out, they're both furries, and I told them I was one too. Those two are still good friends of mine, but they're also the type of people who don't want the whole world to know they're furries. Doesn't bother me at all since I'm kinda like that too, so I understand.

Other than those two, I met this one guy who was just randomly goofing around in a cat suit, and that's about that for now. It's really not a big deal for me to meet other furries.


I live in a closed-off community with a low population count. Meeting other furries irl here is not a possibility I'd consider realistic.


Off-topic, but I'm a pirate again, YAY! :D


I met this one guy who was, like, wearing a fox tail, so I, like, went and talked to him, and we, like, talked about stuff. He was a nice guy.

And that was about it so far. I dunno if I'll ever meet another one in my area.


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One introduced himself to me one day whilst I was in the study lab at college. He noticed I'd been drawing furry art (hell I can't even remember what I was drawing then) on my laptop. He wanted to learn how to draw himself, particularly so he could learn to draw furries, but had had no luck really learning just via online stuff. So a friendship and much drawing meet ups commenced.

My boyfriend introduced me to another who was a coworker of his he suspected was furry - turns out he managed to spot one of them as a furry, but missed a second. The first furry however knew about the second, and once I was introduced to one, the other was also drug over. Hijinks ensued.

Met one while delivering a litter of puppies for a friend - they were one of the folks getting one of the puppies. It became rather evident, while we were bottlefeeding and rearing the puppies that they were also one.


I went to some strange 'furry convention' thing last weekend and, wouldn't you know it, I was having random encounters with furries left and right.


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I know millions of furries they are basically my main social life. I'd be on my own or hanging around with the rather tiresome members of the local sperglord club otherwise. Already joined said organisationfor the hell of it, now I'm friends with a few but good god do they make me feel normal.
Anyway where was I, I have not knowingly seen a furry outside of furry contexts. I know someone at work that went to a meet once because their friends are furries, but that's it.


I was passed by a car with a rainbow paw bumper sticker once. That's possibly the closest I've come to meeting a fur in the wild.


Little Fox
People who insist they've never met one... I wonder. A lot of people aren't super open about it. I think that it's entirely possible to have met one and had no clue.


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I mean I went to EWC and met a few people.

Other than that I have only ever ran into bronies.