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Meeting new people or something


I don't wanna be a bitch but after some depression and thinking i decided i should talk to people more often so if anyone wants to talk about anything lets just get along.
Btw i know the community for some time but i only got active 1 month ago.


New Member
I'm new here as of like yesterday and I also feel I should talk to people more so yeah.
talk about anything? what do you think about bigfoot? like is he out there?

Vinny (Tpr)

The rainbow rat o3o
Well i remember my collage days when i was burnt out i took a few months break and it was just what i need so yeah it can be good but it also can lead to you not wanting to go


In FA there are too many artists, i like Carrot, seth-iova,fatigue,diasuke along others.
My fave artists in RL are Van gogh and Leonardo da vinci, i could include non-mainstream artists,mangakas but the list would be too long