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Meeting people irl that you meet online and general online safety.


Catless Cat Lady
Some basics:
-Invite them over to your house
-Offer, foods and stuffs
-Then stab them 37 times in the chest
-Don't furget to offur the body to the yiff gods

It worked great for me so far


If you feed them then cut them up you'll have a mess. You don't want a mess.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
On both occasions I've met people from the interwebs, they've been fantastic.

I think knowing someone online for a reasonably lengthy amount of time, plus getting to know each other deeply contributes a ton to feeling secure.

The initial meets were weird in a good way. When I met Coffee it was kinda odd, because it's like seeing someone in the flesh for the first time ever, yet somehow you seemingly know everything about them. Bro-ing out ends up being surprisingly easy and I never felt nervous, not even when I put a shotgun in his hands.

Yup, some of my best friends now were people I first met on the Internet. So far, all the Netizens I've met IRL have been fine folks.

If memory serves, I've only been creeped on once in my online career, when an acquaintance who initially seemed cool became increasingly weird, pushy, and skittish in a way that raised all of my flags.

I actually find some people much more pleasant IRL than online, because they can no longer hide behind their cyber-persona. Many people tell me that they're surprised to learn that I'm funny as hell.


I didn't realize people were still this paranoid about meeting someone "IRL" they've chatted with on the interweb first. Guess I'm numb to it now with all the online sales I do and years of racing and car club events.

The first time meeting a friend from an online connection was taking a friend to Denver to meet his online GF. We live in Wisconsin, and this was in 1997 we were 18. it was an awesome trip and the people were great. Still chat with here on FB from time to time.

Still more freaked out leaving a bar with someone I just met, I've been misplaced a couple times from this scenario.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
Oh yeah, I still would NEVER leave a bar with someone I'd just met. Too many variables not under my control there; too many ways to get raped and murdered.


Oh yeah, I still would NEVER leave a bar with someone I'd just met. Too many variables not under my control there; too many ways to get raped and murdered.


I don't regret a single of those enocunters. Awesome fun or a big lol. Something worth of relating to the gransons.

Cairo, Egypt 2009
I went to a Bazaar to buy CDs with arabian music. First a talk, usual things like "what do you think about Egypt etc", then we share a hibiscus tea and a hookah. Then we go to a church (we was a Copt) to pick up his sister. Thanks to that I was able to see a devotion in coptic church and taste a traditional coptic bread - it was a feast of mary's apparition. After that we went to a party at his place, where I got totally wasted on wine and hashish.
Fuck yeah.

Warsaw, Poland 2011
On the way back from the music festival went to a local kebab to eat something. There I met two foreginers bullied by the local plebs. I was already kind of a drunk, so without thinking about the consequences I told them to fuck off, "cause they're making Poland look bad". And actually they fucked off (you all know this kind of people who play heroes only when they outnumber the victims). Then those foreginers started talking polish. It turned out that they were actually provoking those lowlifes into a fight. But they were so impressed with my attitude that they took me to a brothel, and after that to a casino. I didn't pay a single penny.

Kaliningrad, Russia 2012
Awesome party with random people met on a film evening in one of the local restaurants.

London, England, 2013
Went to a party with some random people met at the Flogging Molly concert. Hue hue hue. Well, no, actually not funny. The hangover was unbearable and I baredy made it to the airport. As I got informed later I got myself into a drinking contest with some Irish lads and it all ended in a true holocaust ie. everyone (almost) died

Warsaw, Poland 2014
Day of the Poland vs Scotland football match. Went to a pub, met a bunch of Scots. First asked some questions, then shared a beer, after that shared few jokes ("What's an englishman good for? He's good for punching him in the mouth!"), in the end got totally wasted ("Yeah mate, have a round!"), all for free.

Moscow, Russia 2014
Vodka party with random russians met in the hotel. Umm... Actually I don't want to talk about this one. The memories are too fresh :mad:
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4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Meeting people from the internet has been a fool proof way for me to make friends and find love so far. I don't get how people are still too paranoid, the vast majority of the world's population are not axemurderers or rapists, and it's all a case of unlucky chance if you run in to them, and they won't necessarily be from the internet.
I know where to find people I relate to on the internet, I can get to know people before I meet them. So I more often than not end up enjoying someones company when we meet since I had some control over the situation.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Just meet them and have sex. Never foes wrong :V


NEVER meet them in person without talking to them for a while. NEVER meet them in a private place the first few times. Choose well-populated, well-lit, relatively intimate (as in not gigantic and overly crowded) places with easily observed enterances/exits like Starbucks or Panera Bread. NEVER hang out with someone way out of your age range unless you're both older adults. (as in, late 20s+ at least). If you sense Crazy at all, stay away.


♥ Pinkie Pawsh ♥ EST 2011
I've met plenty of people off of tumblr and twitter. Always in public places the first time.