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Megaman X-tinction (anthro Megaman RP)

PC Master Race

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As the lever is pulled down, the light system inside the chamber turns on. The massive door beneath opens up to reveal what looks like a field of lava, magma and plasma all mixed together.
The door on the side opens, as chunks of metals and scraps are thrown in.

Tonik : Lemme give you a tour of how this works...

He points at the metal pieces floating into the center of the room in a zero-gravity manner, as the mixture of fire from below looks like it's being sucked upward. Both come into contact under the sunlight.
Next he puts on two mechanical gloves, as the LED lights up to indicate that they're on.

Tonik : Our journey begins with metals coming in from that panel. Once in, they're melted with this mix of magma, lava and plasma, all while being held up there by gravity. Sunlight in for moral support. Now, when the metals are all melted, we can make them into any shape we want, while rotating it around to make sure we get the shape right, using gravity as well. It's like telekinesis, but easier to explain.

Tonik : Once you're happy with the design, bring in the frost moonlight and cool the thing down slowly but surely. Since we use only light instead of water, the component is 100% pure as it can be. Rinse and repeat until all the parts are finished.

Tonik : Next, we get to the hard part, weld them together. Focus the sunlight and ramp up the temperature, then melt the areas that we wanna wled. Places the parts together, stare at the screen to make sure you align the angles correctly, keep staring super hard until you feel like you can see a glimpse of eldritch cosmic revelation from dimensions beyond. But before you can communicate with an elder god, you need to use the moonlight to cool down the melted-welded areas. And now, just continue until the whole armor piece is assembled. We got ourselves a helmet here.

Tonik : Next, the exciting part, coloring. Summon in some nebula clouds because we're still going with the space-friendly style here. Do some paint job on the thing until you're satisfied, then shock the hell outta it with the electrical starlight to create a magnet force that makes the nebula clouds stuck on the equipment with no way to be "washed out", like a paint job well done. But we're not done, we gonna have some aurora waves in, too. These will go on the edges instead of the surfaces, to give some good-old neon-like highlights that really bring out the textures of the nebula. Shock the thing again like you're trying real hard to bring unconscious patients back to life, and we're good to go.

At the end of the "tutorial", the finished equipment comes out of the chamber, on a conveyor belt, into the room, next to where Tonik and Piru are standing.

Tonik : And there you have it. One piece done. Put it on and see how it fits you.
The Fennec is.....quite simply put, speechless once the taur explains everything to him.

To be honest, he had to double back in his brain to make sure he caught all that, and then some.

After what felt like ten minutes trying to comprehend what he had just seen, Piru nodded, smiling softly as he blinked a bit.

"Hm......alright, I think I got it down for the most bit! Hopefully! And alrighty, trying on the helmet now then," the Fennec said, putting on the helmet onto his head.

He had to watch his ears of course, make sure they didn't get caught in the way or anything.

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Tonik : Great, now we'll continue with the rest of the armor.

Roughly an hour later, the full set is finished. An hour of the taur staring at the monitor in that vaccuum area and doing all the works, non-stop.
Thankfully, everything is done now.

Tonik : Standard issue, heavy duty, all good to go. I made it as lightweight as I could so you don't get dragged down by the whole set when you wear it. There's also a synthetic suit underneath to make it more comfortable and help protect you from electricity. But we're not done here juuust yet. What's power armor without exciting functions to begin with ? So hold on while I add some more techno-magic with this.
The Fennec eagerly cooperated with the build of the armor, and was even more eager when it was all said and done.

What really got the Fennec's blood pumping is when the taur mentioned the other additional things he'd put with it, and tech advancements always were a welcome change of pace.

"Ooh, alright then! I'll be looking forward to it indeed!," Piru said happily, smiling broadly to the taur.

"Once more....I must thank you for doing this. Wholly, I'm in your debt good pal..."

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Tonik : You're welcome, heh. Now let's see what we can have with these...

The taur goes over to the computer again and checks the screen, which shows the pair of gloves with the available additional functions.

Tonik : You can have halo light, sound wave and gravity. For halo light, you got energy blades on the two sides of your arms and a hidden blade beneath your wrist, assassin creed style. They do fire/frost/lightning damage.

Tonik : Sound wave, you have these... speaker-looking things, on your palms, which create high-frequency ultrasound and infrasound. Ultrasound can cause concussion and disorient enemies, which good stun-lock potential, while infrasound penetrates all defense and cause internal bleeding.

Tonik : Now, gravity... on your finger tips, and also on your palm. The one on your fingers allow you to remotely manipulate and move objects and people like telekinesis, but the maximum weight that can be moved is same as your natural, unarmored, body weight, no more than that. The one on your palm lets you push or pull objects really damn hard, or if you wanna keep the distance, you can open black holes and white holes to keep enemies away.
The Fennec sat down, ears up and attentive as he hears the taur out, nodding a bit as he explains the majority of the armor's workings.

In truth, he was rather glad that he had made the armor for him. At least, he'll be somewhat defended against the brutish attacks of his adversaries.

"Ah, I see......thank you so much again for this! I won't forget what you have done for me!," Piru said happily, running over and hugging the taur's leg, since he was only tall enough for that.

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The taur reploid kneels down and gently pets on the fennec's ears and tail.

Cosmos : Heh. You're welcome, kid. Now, lemme make these weapons I had in mind earlier, then we can try it out in the training ground, see how things go, yeah ?

He then goes to the system and starts working on his own weapons, too...

(My mammoth sona is now renamed to Cosmos)
Piru nodded eagerly, wagging his tail and purring from the pets. He backed up so the taur can work on his weapons, shivering with excitement.

"Sure thing pal! I'll let you work on that. In the meantime, I'm gonna just admire this...," the Fennec said happily, watching the armor.

He was astounded. In mere moments, he obtained something more defensive than a bulletproof vest....

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Same process of making weapons and armors as before, but this time instead of something fancy and exciting like swords, axes, hammers, maces, scythes, spears or the likes... what the taur makes is a bunch of sticks.
All made of silver, steel and polished iron, looking really clean, but otherwise that's just it : solid metal bars with a "cross-guard" to indicate that they're wielded like swords.
Nothing more and nothing less.
But he seems happy with them.

Cosmos : Alright, lookin' good. Now these are the good stuffs.
Piru looked at the unique choice of weaponry, knowing that each weapon defines the wielder.

He looked at the sticks, then ruled them to be the best possible weapon, since everything else would get.....really tangled, or inflict self damage, unknowingly.

"Well, I'm sure with your skill behind it, it'll be effective for sure," Piru said, smiling happily.

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Cosmos : I hope so too, heh.

The taur moves the weapons around a bit to get a feel of their weight, and once he's alright with them, he hangs them on his sides.

Cosmos : Alright, we're pretty near dinner soon... how about a friendly spar, eh ? My new form, and these sticks, versus your armor. How's that ?
Piru smiled, glad that Cosmos had found his new set of weapons. It was always nice when someone got their nice loadout.

Especially when it was something more manageable than most.

Upon hearing the request for a friendly spar with their new equipment, the Fennec smiled, nodding eagerly, his large ears flapping a bit.

"Sure thing! I'd love to help you get those weapons a test run!"

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When the two exit the room, they're met by a heavy-armored monkey reploid, wielding an oversized power hammer on his shoulder. He's in a hunched-down pose, apparently moving with both his legs and his left hand.

His voice completely digitalized and monotone, almost gender-neutral in a sense.

??? : Sorry, mammoth name Cosmos ?

The mammoth-taur looks over, confused at what the monkey just said.

Cosmos : Uh, sorry ?

The monkey points at him, but tries his best not to look impolite or rude.

??? : Mammoth, is name, Cosmos ?

Cosmos : ... Uh huh ? And you are ?

The monkey points back at himself... and tries his best to use body language to make up for his way of talking.

??? : Dawn. D-A-W-N. Dawn. Not Don like... Donald.

He rests the hammer with the head on the ground, then points at himself again.

Dawn : Kicked out of team. Told to find Cosmos, pair up with Cosmos, because Cosmos also have no team. True ?

Cosmos : How did you get kicked out ?

The monkey looks away, embarrassed, wanting to avoid the question, but still answers anyway.

Dawn : Dawn. Alerted enemies during mission. Not fast enough to stop alarm. Enemies brought reinforcement. Team was outnumbered. Main targets escaped. Dawn... kicked out.

Cosmos : Geez... that's rough... so you came here ?

The monkey nods, looking to be pretty sorry of the mistakes.
The mammoth goes over to gently pets on his ears.

Cosmos : It happens. Alright, you're in, with me and Piru over here.

Dawn glances over to look at Piru, and slowly extends his hand, along with a rather... toothy smile.

Dawn : Nice meet Piru.
The Fennec stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing the rather large monkey, and that.....quite large hammer unnerved the little fox.

Still, he stood his ground, curious as to what this being was.

Once he heard the tale of who he was, and how he was kicked out of his team, Piru couldn't help but feel sorry for him....

And when the mammoth pet his ears, that always was a nice feel, and the Fennec purred from the pet, wagging his tail slowly.

Upon meeting Dawn, Piru smiled his own fanged grin, offering his small paw to shake, despite size.

"Nice to meet you there Dawn! I'm Piru, as you already heard. Welcome aboard the team!"

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The monkey looks at the fennec, and changes from his whole hand to only his two fingers for the "hand" shake.

Dawn : Where going now ?

Cosmos : I'm heading to the training area to try out my new weapons, and to help Piru test out the new armor I made for him.

The monkey wags his tail excitedly.

Dawn : Dawn want to watch.

Cosmos : A'ight, let's go.

The training area, never quiet for a second. From outside, it looks no bigger than an office... but stepping through the door, it's actually much bigger inside, the whole place is like a whole stadium stage, full of training robots, turrets, traps and other "hazzards". For reploids and half-reploids, they're still relatively non-lethal... but Piru is the only non-reploid here, with no cyborg enhancement.

Cosmos : So, what's your specialty ?

The monkey reels his head backward and lets out a fire breath above them. Then he brings up his arm and lets out a small puff of smoke over his bicep, followed by a toothy and playful grin.
The mammoth taur gives a thumbs-up, impressed with it.
Piru smiled from the courtesy act, then shook the two fingers with both of his paws.

"Awe, thanks for noticing that!," the Fennec said happily, glad someone for once, (other that Cosmos and Evis), didn't make fun of his short size.

As they walked back to the training room for an update with the skills, Piru managed to look over, and catch sight of Dawn's impressive skillset.

With his small paws, he applauded for him, nodding his approval.

"Very nice! That looks like a neat feature!," Piru said encouragingly, wagging his tail slowly as they made their way to the training room.

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As the three enter the training area, they immediately get showered by sounds of explosion from all the activities going on in here.
Mostly robots being destroyed, turrets being blown away, and small chunks of walls being broken apart. But, over all, a decent training area to keep everyone in shape.
But they're not really there for that... Cosmos has something different in mind.

Cosmos : You know what, change of plan. How about we fight each other, for training ?

Dawn is pretty surprised by the new idea, and tilts his head to a side.

Dawn : Fight each other ?... Dawn, Cosmos, and Piru ?

Cosmos : Yeah. You, me, and Piru, fight each other.

Dawn : Why so ?

Cosmos : I've never really trained with anyone, only these... bots. So I wanna try something different. What about you ?

Dawn : So... we fight together ? For how long ?

Cosmos : Just half an hour, I guess.

The money scratches his cheeks a bit, pondering the idea, then nods.
Piru looked up at Cosmos, smiling at the idea.

"Wowee, a battle between us three? A thirty minute spar?....hmm....that actually sounds very interesting....," the Fennec said, thinking it out.

Sure, he may be shorter than the both of them, but still, that would make for a nice fight. And with the armor that Cosmos had so graciously made, he was sure he could take a direct hit or two, depending on how hard they hit.

Which, hopefully, Piru wondered if that armor could cushion a blow from his mighty allies.

After some time of thinking, the Fennec gave a small thumbs up, wagging his tail eagerly.

"You know what, sure! That sounds like a whole bundle of fun!," Piru said happily, ready for the spar.

Indeed, he'd use no weapons. Merely his armor as a defense, and his unseen abilities for the attack. Then, he'd fight bare paw to paw...

All he needed was his abilities and this new armor, and he was sure to give a good fight.

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The three stand a moderate distance away from each other, all facing each other, instead of... the rest of the equipment in the training area.
Cosmos starts the fight with his new weapons, the metallic batons. He takes them out, but then lets go... they hover in the air instead of falling down.
He then gets in his stance, as the batons move in the air like there are invisible hands holding them.
The longer batons are aflame, while the shorter ones are charged with electricity.
The monkey also has at it too, setting his hammer, hands and feet on fire. There is smoke coming off the gaps of his teeth, from his mouth out.

Dawn : Hope Cosmos and Piru fight well !

Cosmos : Same to you, pal ! Get ready !
Piru watched as they both got out their weapons, and merely readied his paws in a boxing manner, needing no such weapons for this combat.

Besides, he wore a special kind of gloves that were made of a hard material, but appeared to look of yellow cloth. It was the key element to deceive, and even though he would fight bare paws, he was more than excited.

"Alright......all set here. Best of luck to all of ya," Piru said, eager to see how this fight will turn out.

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Cosmos : Hey, don't forget the armor you got, kiddo. And the tech that comes with it. I don't need to remind you of all those sound waves and halo light and gravity, do I ? I wanna see how they go too.

Dawn : Oh ? Piru has cool attacks ?

Cosmos gives Dawn a brief summary of the functions that Piru's armor can do. The monkey wags his tail excitedly.

Dawn : Piru no hold back, promise ? Dawn want to see !
The Fennec nodded, smiling at the taur with a childish grin.

"Don't worry, I won't forget to use it. Besides, this is the perfect time to test out the durability too!," Piru said, wiggling about eagerly.

When Dawn asked for him not to hold back, he looked up at the monkey, genuinely shocked.

"Oh boy, you sure? I never let loose since those days....but alright! You have my word that I positively won't hold back in this battle!," the Fennec said, giving a thumbs up.

"This also paved way for him to test out his powers he never really showed the others, so in a way, everyone was in for a surprise with one another.

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Cosmos : Have at you all then !

The mammoth taur reels himself backward and, using gravity to remotely manipulate the weapons (in this case his sets of batons), he goes for a wide-arc attack at Piru and Dawn at full force, creating a large trail of fire and lightning at them.
Dawn manages to block all of them, but takes one to his leg, making him yelp a bit.
The monkey goes for a heavy overhead smash with his hammer, causing fire orbs to come out everywhere from the area of impact and creating a fire field where they stand. A few of them get to the mammoth taur's legs and make him jump a bit from the sheer heat.