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Megaman X-tinction (anthro Megaman RP)

The Fennec saw the oncoming rush of batons with their elemental attributes, his eyes flashing as he quickly did a back-flip to evade one.

A small shock did manage to get through, making the Fennec twitch and yip a bit from this. Nevertheless, he shook off that slightly shocking feel, and got ready to launch his first attack.

For his first ability, he tried out what the infrasound could do, using that as he lifted his paw forward, letting the small little speaker do it's work, directing it at them both.

He was deliberately starting off slow, testing the waters so that he could see just what kind of fight he was getting into.

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The infrasound comes off as a (pretty nerve-wrecking) screech, like someone is scratching their claws on the window glass... needless to say, painful to hear.
And painful to endure, too. Infrasound is inaudible for humans... but it really stings for animals, reploids included. But regardless of targets, the infrasound can ignore armors and cause nasty internal bleeding to mess people up... even full-built reploids aren't immune to it.
Cosmos and Dawn frown in pain, feeling like their head is ringing with headache.
The monkey shrugs off the pain and stands the hammer upside down, as he quickly climbs on and balances himself on the pommel of the hammer, then immediately gets down and uses that split second of movement to build up momentum for an overhead smash straight at Piru !
The Fennec lowered his paw, looking up at he saw the hammer coming down at him.

Indeed, the first motion would be to run, but the Fennec stands there, ready to take it.

He arches his paws up in a catching motion, and right before the hammer went down, his eyes flashed a fiery red, with the hammer slamming down on the intended target.

Stillness for a few moments.....

Then, keeping the hammer up, Piru stood here, his legs shaky as he barely held up the brutal bash. The Fennec panted, then lifted the hammer just enough for him to front-flip out of the range, letting the hammer slam back down.

"Phew.....that....was harder than before...," the Fennec muttered to himself, his eyes going back to his normal yellow-ish color.

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Cosmos sees Piru taking the hammer head-on like so. Either the armor does it for him, or he's actually much stronger than he lets out to be.
Either way, an impressive feat to take on that piece of giant metal down like so. Especially for a non-reploid.
Dawn thinks the same, too, but he probably doesn't know Piru isn't a reploid yet.
But that would be for later... Cosmos has something else to try out, against them.

Cosmos : Heads up !

Still remotely manipulating the batons with gravity (though some may see him as using telekinesis instead), he goes for his favorite combo of attack. First he waves his left hands to perform two bashes with the lightning batons in reverse grip (like one may do with the scabbard of a sword) in a wide arc forward, creating six slow-moving, crescent-like waves of lightning. Then he gets in position of preparing to draw a katana, and throws his right hands out three times, as the fire batons swing forward at bullet speed in an even wider arc ; each swing fires out three fire bolts.
Upon clashing with the lightning waves, the fire bolts explode into a big sphere of plasma that smites the area around them.
The full combo results in nine plasma explosion (three at a time), and ends with the lightning waves also exploding in a burst of electricity.
Dawn takes quite a beating with the assault, but is still going. He looks visibly damaged, but unstoppable.
Upon seeing quite the attack, the Fennec decides to dodge for most of them, since being smaller means he could evade a little bit better.

Granted, he does take some hits, rattling him a little, but not being enough to really wear him down.

After taking the damage, Piru smiled, shaking his head as he shook off the pain.

"I'll admit, that hurt, but that's what gets the real fight going!"

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Dawn : Hehe... Dawn like Cosmos. Will try again.

The monkey then goes for another overhead smash with his hammer, straight to the ground. Upon impact, there are flaming fissures (shown by the ground being cracked repeatedly and rapidly) that spread out and reach to Cosmos and Piru. Every time the ground is cracked, there is a burst of magma that shoots upward, along with lava errupting everywhere.
However, Cosmos goes for what a lot of people consider to be... a cheap move.
Dodging to a side, he uses gravity to contain the magma and lava directed at him (the ones coming at Piru are not affected), then shape-shifts them into pure-flamming swords, and sends them right back at both Dawn and Piru.
Dawn is genuinely caught off-guard from this, he does not see it coming and takes two-three swords directly to the chest, which knocks him down with a loud "thud !".
He slowly gets back up, smoke coming off his heated body and armor.

Dawn : Dang... what move was that ? Never saw it before.

The look on the monkey's face is... both excited, and cautious.

Cosmos : My trump card, heh. Or as people like to call it, "noob mode".
Piru watches as the magma rushes towards him, breathing in deeply as he timed his attack...or rather, his defense.

"Alright.....let's hope I can still do that move after all these years...," the Fennec pondered, watching the flames comes forth.

He quickly started to run in place, his fur sparking a bit as he watched it inches from his feet. Then, he jumped, high enough to evade it, then landed back down.

But it seemingly wasn't the move he was going for.

The, as he was pondering which one that was, he barely saw the flame blade coming at him, narrowly dodging at the last second.

Piru did yelp a bit as it grazed his cheek, wiping the blood from it as he smiled a bit, wagging his tail.

"oh yeah, now this is a good warmup! Let's keep it going! Also, pretty neat move! Gonna figure out a counter for that later....," the Fennec muttered under his breath, making the last line he muttered unreadable.

Nevertheless, he had many surprises under his sleeves, and he was eager to show them, since Dawn requested for him to go all out....

Which he planned to do. In full.

The nickname Tiny Terror....

Will show why he's called that.

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Dawn : Piru right. Dawn not expect it.

The monkey rubs his armor plates a bit to clean off the burn marks, then cracks his knuckles. His tail and horns now on fire as well.

Dawn : No messing around. Dawn getting on ! Behold... "Rising Monday" !

He quickly brings his hammer up behind him and holds it with both hands, and stops right in the middle of his motion, despite the weight of the thing. His right eye flashes red, then, in a blink of an eye, he dashes towards Cosmos and rams the pommel of the hammer right to the stomach, catching the mammoth off-guard with the direct hit and the sheer force behind it.
Then the monkey goes for an uppercut swing at the briefly-stunned Cosmos, to the stomach yet again, and knocks him falling to the ground a moderate distance later.
Dawn is just about to have at it with Piru again, but he stops when he hears... laughters ? Towards them.
Or, rather, at Cosmos.

"Ha ! The monkey knows what's up !"
"Probably learned that from Zero."
"New body but still same weakness ! Revived on a budget much ?"

Dawn looks at them, then at Cosmos (who is struggling to get back up after the attacks in his stomach), seemingly confused.

Dawn : Uh... ?
Piru was shocked at the sheer power of the blow, smiling a bit.

"Goodness....glad you are on our side for sure!," the Fennec said supportively, wagging his tail.

His ears perk when he hears the commentary from behind. Quickly, he listens at what they were saying, and the sheer anger that he felt was immeasurable.

The fact that his friend was being mocked for the one hit....to the stomach.....almost made the Fennec lose it right there.

Seething with a fury unknown, he quietly took off the armor, resting it on the floor in an ever so calm manner.

In truth, he had reached a dangerous level of anger, almost to the point of friendly fire.

He slowly went over to Cosmos, checking on him wordlessly.

When he saw he was alright for the most part, he helped him up, then turned around, putting his glasses back on.

Quietly, as not to attack anyone, he silently walked out of the training area, just walking off to prevent himself from doing something he would really regret...

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My apologizes, folks, but I'm taking my leave off this RP. And RPs in general, too.
I've been mentally exhausted and worn out as of late, and I don't even feel like I can continue much anymore.
At this point, everywhere I look, there's always unwanted dramas and troubles about to come my way. One move and I'm neck-deep in what I got more than I bargained for.
If anyone wants to take my place and be in charge, feel free to.
My apologizes, folks, but I'm taking my leave off this RP. And RPs in general, too.
I've been mentally exhausted and worn out as of late, and I don't even feel like I can continue much anymore.
At this point, everywhere I look, there's always unwanted dramas and troubles about to come my way. One move and I'm neck-deep in what I got more than I bargained for.
If anyone wants to take my place and be in charge, feel free to.
Please do feel better! Farewell!