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Megaman X-tinction (anthro Megaman RP)

(This would be his new form now)

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The Fennec seemed a bit shaky as the taur came into full view of them, but once more, he steeled himself.

He reminded himself that Tonik was their ally.....and not one of the ones who had been hurt during his times in war. Surely if he kept that mindset, he would be fine.

But nothing prepared him for.....memes?

He tilted his head, letting out an audible noise of confusion, looking at Tonik.

Surely, that was one thing he never saw coming.....at all.

"Wow......I.....I honestly don't even know how to respond to that....," Piru said, blinking, then laughing from the joke. It took the Fennec a minute to realize that he was quoting a direct line from the Metal Gear Franchise, but once he did....

Secretly, that earned his respect.
Eviscerena, instead, is secretly glad that Piru actually laughs. She was hoping Tonik could perhaps help Piru relief some stress and tense, and this is exactly what she hopes for.

Evis : Heh. Alright, jokes aside, how're you feeling ?

Tonik : Feels real good, not gonna lie... I dunno how to explain it, but I feel like... myself. Not just because I got a new body/system though.

Evis : That's good to hear. Welcome back, kid. If nothing else, you're still my favorite customer at my canteen, heh.
The Fennec smiled, still glad that his friend was feeling well. It helped in said regard, but the form still threw him off a little, set him on some unease.

Regardless of what he felt, he still kept at it, shaking only slightly as he stood there before the taur.

It was gradually beginning to make him shake more, bu forced himself to keep with it. After all, when he used to operate, their saying was "Who dares, wins." And right now, he dared.....he just needed to win.

Against himself.

The hardest part.

"W-Well.....glad you are feeling alright! T-That really sounds great! And glad to hear you f-feel like yourself!," Piru stuttered, his large ears trembling gently as he spoke.

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Tonik and Eviscerena don't notice Piru stuttering and trembling, or they do but don't point it out... either way, they don't push the fennec about it, and pretend like everything is OK.
Tonik definitely doesn't need to know how his new form literally give Piru one hell of a PTSD earlier.
He looks over the fennec... who is now much shorter than him. He needs to get on the floor just to get to eye level.

Tonik : I think I may need some time to get used to how tall I am now... in any case, anything happened while I was out ?

He wants to give Piru a hug, but holds himself back.
He kind of feels that Piru is uncomfortable with this...
The Fennec smiled a little, still fighting himself for control as he watched the taur get to eye level with him.

Good move, since Piru was intimidated by things that tower over him constantly.

"W-Well.....t-things were.....," the Fennec stopped, remembering his rather violent episode while the taur was in rest.

"Err......t-they moved along I suppose....m-me and E...E-Evis waited here for you....u-until you woke up...," Piru stuttered, his paws shaking madly still, folding them behind his back as he gave Tonik a fanged smile.

Even with his smile, he still felt.....rather uneasy. He knew that Tonik was an ally....

But those wounds in his mind still dwell as fresh as morning dew...

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The stutter is pretty clear to both of them now. No mistakes in it.

Tonik : ... Thanks... I appreciate it.

He looks away a bit.

Tonik : You know, why don't we get somewhere else better for talking things out, instead of... this hallway. There's a lot I wanna tell you... don't worry, nothing serious. It's just... personal, and I wanna get it off my chest.

Eviscerena : To my kitchen then. I have foods to prepare for dinner tonight, but I'd still listen to you.

Tonik : Thanks ma'am. You coming, foxxo buddy ?
Piru shook all over, then stepped on his own foot, forcing himself to calm down.

Once Tonik mentioned moving to a different place, the small Fennec nodded, his large ears flopping around a little.

"S-Sure! W-We can do that!," Piru said, smiling again. Indeed, this was much harder than it looked, even if every fiber in his very being was screaming at him to run.

He fought the impulse, and walked by the taur's side, despite shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.

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Meanwhile, every fiber in Tonik's entire being is screaming at him that he'd be the epicenter for everyone in the entire headquarter to make fun of. But he, too, fights the thought and still heads there with Eviscerena and Piru.
And just as he expects, when they arrive... unwanted attention, his way. Mostly about how despite being supposedly the best defender of the whole HQ, he got one-shot with a shield to the stomach so hard he now has to get an entirely new body/system.
It's now also like a joke among them that, all things considered, his gigantic belly is (literally) his biggest weak spot.
Indeed, he's pretty uncomfortable and annoyed with being constantly made fun of... but he keeps it to himself.
The Fennec, despite the feeling of wanting to run, stuck close to the taur. Other than anyone else, he was....rather joked about his short size, and being nicknamed "Tiny Terror" didn't exactly strike as appealing.

Nonetheless, he stuck to Tonik, seeing him as his closest and only friend, along with Evis of course.

That, and he would be there to defend the taur in case anyone wanted to jest...

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The laughter can be heard louder when the three get into the kitchen. Tonik could hear someone joking that he's retired because of demotion, and now his new duty is helping around the kitchen, because he's unfit in the battlefield anymore.
He sighs and shakes his head, then lies down on the side of his lower body, and his upper torso leaning against the wall. His mechanical wings are closed, folded and compressed, close to his back ; they only look like small, thin metal plates.

Tonik : Yep, that's what I wanna tell you about. That.

Evis : Eh, don't pay them any mind, kid. That's just how life is, really. You run a marathon perfectly fine, but mess up at the very last second, and nobody gives a shit about your entire performance before that. All they remember is the moment you mess up.
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Meanwhile, while those who joked and laughed about his friend's appearance, the Fennec snarled angrily, wanting to really have at it.

Since he still defended Tonik, no matter what he looked like, he acted as his guardian, under any circumstance.

"You bastard....," the Fennec muttered under his breath, baring his fangs as he got up, cracking his knuckles.

He was about to walk over, and give a piece of his mind....

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Tonik gently grabs on Piru's shoulders and shakes his head.

Tonik : Not worth it.

He slightly pulls Piru back a bit, then goes to close the kitchen door. Now there are only three of them inside.

Tonik : There, some privacy...

He sits back on the floor again.

Tonik : OK so... what I wanted to tell you is... thanks for being there for me. I'm really grateful that you did. Before meeting you two, the only, and I mean ONLY other "person" I could make friend with, was... Nemesis of Kin. The entity that possesses me. It was the only thing that kept me company. No-one wanted to team up with me in missions and assignments, because the only thing I'm somewhat good at, is making weapons, and nothing more. Not fighting, not scouting, not navigating areas... not even reading maps. I was usually called a failed experiment because of how faulty I frequently got, due to my old, outdated, unstable system... as well as my appearance corrupted by Nemesis. And even when I tried to prove myself that I could handle myself, by taking on the four best reploid fighters in the whole base... later on I learned that they intentionally let me "win", otherwise I'd be dead the moment any of them made a move. I "won", I got false hope that I was actually something... but, no, they set it up. And now, with the embarrassment of being knocked out by Zero's shield straight into my stomach, people see me as a complete joke.

He pauses there and looks down at the floor, shaking his head.

Tonik : Barely anyone calls me by my name. Aside you two, Bolo and Junkrat... who aren't with us anymore... everybody calls me "mammoth". That's about the most respectful thing they can call me, apparently.
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The Fennec growled, then looked, back sighing and nodding as he backed off, for now.

"Agh......if you say so....," Piru mumbled, following the two into the kitchen.

Now that he hears this, he's even more outraged than before. To hear them intentionally set up something only to make downfall of one's very support and confidence......

How can one simply call themselves an ally after that?....

"Well.....that's.....cruel....," Piru said past his anger, trying his best to control his rage. "What they did is unforgivable in all ways.....and I understand the cruelty......but....I'm glad you had the courage to speak this.....and to....tell us everything....just know we aren't going to do what they did, ever. We'll stick by your side no matter what.....and I'll defend you from those that dare mock you or laugh.....they'll be sorry....," the Fennec seethed, snarling a bit.

Then, he did it.

He hugged the taur, completely having forgotten about his fear of the new form completely. All that mattered was caring for a friend.

"I promise...."

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Both Tonik and Eviscerena are caught off-guard by Piru hugging him like so, despite the new form (although it actually looks cleaner than the previous). Nevertheless, they're both glad to see it.
He, too, hugs the fennec back, with all his six arms... but somewhat in a fatherly manner ?

Tonik : ... Thanks. You're like a son to me.

He then lets go of the hug and gently places a fist on Piru's chest.

Tonik : Deep inside, we're kindred spirits... you and me.
Piru wagged his tail happily as he was hugged back, purring softly from the feel of all six arms.

Quite the unusual style, but more than welcome. Also, he felt the...rather fatherly manner of the hug, but appreciated it either way.

"L-Like a son to you?...," the Fennec gasped, tilting his head as he smiled softly. He wagged his tail eagerly, then gasped as his fist rested on his chest, nodding a little.


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Tonik : Heh, I mean it. I don't know why, but while I was being repaired, I kinda had a vague dream of someone calling me dad, it felt good. Now, hugging you, that feeling is back.

He looks away a bit, chuckling.

Tonik : Honestly ? I kinda like it... though, I wonder what it's like to be a father...
The small Fennec looked at the taur, smiling a bit as he listened about what he said.

"interesting for sure......well, I just hope that you find whoever that was who called ya for sure!," Piru said, wagging his tail.

He was glad to hear this, and it was indeed interesting...

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Eviscerena only listens to the two talking, but she's nonetheless happy that they're back together now, and Piru seems to have got over his fear of Tonik's new form.
Meanwhile, Tonik ponders a bit, trying to think of what to do now... then he remembers something.

Tonik : Oh yeah, I forgot. I told you I'd make a set of power armor for you to wear so you can fight better but not actually rebuilt into a reploid like the others... that, and I think I wanna try out some new weapons I just thought about, too. How's that ?
The Fennec smiled happily, glad that he and Tonik made up. More so, he was glad that his anger made him rather blind to the....abundantly clear form he had now.

When the sound of the taur wanting to try his weapons and make the armor registered to Piru, he nodded eagerly, curious as to where it could lead.

"Sure! I'm actually curious to see what you have in mind really...," the Fennec admitted, wagging his tail happily.

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The headquarter is a busy place. Not the best in the world, what with the constant attacks from the humans in an attempt to put a stop to the resistance... but everyone does manage to get by, for the most part, so far.
Most of the people here are reploids, designed based on various animal species like wolf, fox, tiger, cat, etc. There are also some that are like Piru, purely in flesh and blood, instead of machines, but they seem to be more with taking care of the natural environment.
So far, only Piru is the non-Reploid that would actually enter the war zone.
Looking at the map, the headquarter seems to be fairly straightforward.
- North west : personal rooms for resistance members
- North east : cafeteria for (non-Reploid) resistance members
- South east : training grounds
- South west : health clinic / laboratory
The layout seems to be the same for all 4 floors of the base, but on the 1st floor, the laboratory area is replaced with "Tonik's workshop".
It seems to be the place to go when it comes to weapons and armors...
Tonik : Alright, my workshop is in this floor, at the south-west area.

Eviscerena : Have fun, kids. Lemme know what new features you got with your new form, a'ight ?

Tonik : Sure thing mom- I mean, ma'am.

They chuckle at that, and Tonik and Piru head out. Disregarding all the pesky ones making fun of them on their way to the door, out of there and into the main hallway.
Once at the workshop, Tonik points at a platform on the wall, with numbers of measurement unit for someone's body build.

Tonik : I need you to stand there so I can scan you a bit, for the proper size of the armor. Won't take long, don't worry.
The Fennec smirked at this, and proceeded on with the taur, happily going along to his workshop, casting a deaf ear to those who uttered folly, despite his rather large ears.

Once they arrived at the workshop, the Fennec tilted his head at the scan measurement, nodding a little as he walked over to it.

"Sure thing pal! I can do that!," Piru chirped happily, going over and standing on the measuring platform.

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Tonik starts the system and goes through the programs, as the machinery begins to lower itself down from above Piru. It looks like the lamps in an operation room.
As they scan the light through Piru, and display the number of his body build on the monitor, Tonik goes to see the presets of armor designs that can work... until he selects on one.

Tonik : Alright, I think I found one for you. How about this ?

Tonik : This isn't my original design, by the way. It's called "power armor set" in the system of the resistance database. I'm only picking what looks best for you. Does this look OK to you ?
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The Fennec looked at the blueprint model, nodding so fast his ears flopped once more.

"Yeah! That looks perfect!," the little Fennec chirped, wagging his tail eagerly, letting out all sorts of yips and growls of excitement.

He looked up at Tonik, a curious fire roaring in his eyes as he could barely cold his joy. "I really like it! Looks all sorts of cool!"

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Tonik : Heh, that one then. Alright, now the magic begins. You can step out of the platform now. Let's see what we got... 4 layers... iron here, silver there, this would be platinum, and here is chrome... got it.

He then goes to the other side of the laboratory... which is a seemingly empty large room with three large lights above, a medium-sized door on the side, and a massive door beneath.

Tonik : Introducing you to my best creation, "Cosmic Unrest". Now, before we get this beauty on the road, I'll give you the honor...

He points at a large lever on the other side of the control table.

Tonik : Pull the lever, son !
The Fennec watched as the taur assessed the colors and alignments correctly, wagging his tail eagerly at this.

Once he was all situated, and the instructions were given, Piru saluted, nodding as he went over to the lever.

"Understood! Here goes!," the Fennec said happily, jumping up and pulling down on the lever.