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Members by Species


Longetivity is my middle name
Username: TheGr8MC
Species: Wolf/Werewolf (I'm a wolf who's also a werewolf. Don't ask how.)
Category: Canid
Username: Saliva
Species: Skunk
Category: Musteloid

You can go ahead and remove Grycho from the list. That was my old username from like 2010.
Wow, this must be really boring- and with the post limit, a drag -for you to keep updating. When are you planning on stopping and having everyone wait for someone to make a Furs by Species 5?
Now that I've asked that, let me add to the pile. :p

Username Aubreys_Anthro_Ego
Species: Field Mouse
Category: Rodent

Hmm, why do I feel disappointed that there are 7 other mice on the list? If I wanted to be the only one, I should have became a tigger.
Username Ziggy_Zerda
Species: Fennec Fox
Category: Canine (Vulpine >w>)


Navigator Mabel
Username: MicheleFancy
Species: Two-Toed Sloth
Category: Sloth


Only a Book Smart Nerd
You can go ahead and remove Grycho from the list. That was my old username from like 2010.
What category would that be under?
Dang! That's a lot of wolves and foxes on that there list. o.o


New Member
could mine actually be changed to just salamander?

Species: Salamander
Category: Amphibian
If necessary- twas under hybrids i beleive


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Up to date.


Why are thylacines/wombats their own category and not under marsupials? Just curious. Also, I believe koalas are marsupials too and not true bears.


Username: macaroons
Species: Shiborgi (Shiba Inu/Corgi mix)
Category: Canid
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