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Only a Book Smart Nerd
Fixed and Updated.


Self-Appointed FAF Bitchmuffin
Username: MochiElZorro
Species: Japanese Fox (Vulpes vulpes japonica)
Category: Canids


Grand Vision Studio Owner
WTF? I am not an Orange Fox. I am a god damn Western Quadrupedal Dragon with an 11 inch c-...I mean! W/e.


a.k.a. Lawrence John
Username - Tossu-sama
Species - Sabertooth cat (Smilodon populator)
Category - Feline
If necessary - My fursona's name is different from my username if that's somehow an important thing. Anywho, his name is Lawrence John.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
- by MunkButt (me)

Monocled Unicorn

The Gentlemanly Unicorn
Username - Monocled Unicorn
Species - Unicorn (Who would have guessed?)
Category - Mythical


New Member
Username: Zahzu
Species: Ring-Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta)
Category: Lemur (Primates/Prosimians?)

If necessary- N/A
Also- I WILL NOTE YOU ABOUT THIS but will also state it here:
One of the lemurs listed here is in the "Mustelid" category. Lemurs are a prosimian, which is a type of primate, and have absolutely no relation to mustelids, etc.
(On that note, a LOT of the "mustelids" are not actually mustelids... or even RELATED to them. COME ON, GUYS. BEAVERS?)
I'd almost say removing "category" from the form altogether might help with that, unless someone has a specific creature (I.E. robot, hybrid, etc.), just to avoid ignorant people mis-classifying animals, but... that still probably wouldn't solve the problem. |'D
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Meat Popsicle
Do I put what I am to be added to the list?
-North American Red Fox(vulpes;vulpes)
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bitch where
Username: xBatsy
Species: mutant straw-colored fruit bat,
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