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Members by Species


I pounce i bounce.
Name: Pogo
Species: Cat
Category: Cat

(What a neat list)

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
Name: Like
Species: Grizzlybold (GrizzlyBear + [Dog-like]Kobold Hybrid)
Category: Grizzly Bear

I'm just going to stick with the Grizzly Bear category since the Kobold part is a "custom species" and I mostly have Grizzly Bear features.
But I'll keep the Grizzlybold species to reference the fact it's a hybrid.
Also yeah this is a nice list.

Keita Lemur

A lot funnier than I look
Name: Keita
Category: Lemur
Species: Lemur Catta


Late Healer Ferret
Name: Skychickens
Species: Ferret (with wings)
Category: Mustelid

You know, if this is still being updated of course.
Name: Tacoma Whitetail
Species: Whitetailed-Deer
(Just incase, lol.)


Lover of bugs
Name: MII_A00W
Species: robotic domestic cat
Category: Android I guess... Unless there's a robot one?

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Name: Kellan Meig'h, the Old Warhorse
Species: Genetically engineered Human/Horse hybrid soldier
Category: Horse, I would guess


Smart batto!
Name: Pipi !
Species: Bat !
Category: Mammals .3.