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Anyone out there interested or has the time to help out a fellow artist who feels they've hit at brick wall in the path of their develop and has not been going anywhere for a long time?


Hey, Assbutt
My best advice would be to go up the forum, hit the Art Exchange and offer say 5 free slots. But set an interesting theme for each one.

You feel the guilt of having to do them, and by honing what skills you have and the impetus to actually improve from the peoples suggestions, might be enough to get you on your way again.


Just keep practicing via personal art, requests, trades, etc, even if you feel you've hit a wall...try setting a time limit on a drawing and don't stop drawing til it's up...working longer than usual on a piece will force you to look over it a lot and find/solve any issues. Hope this helps c:


Fresh Prince of FAF
I just got out of a brick wall

well it was more of a slump.


i like helping =)
my work - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/voodoowolf/
if you'd like to chat or something let me know i'll note you my aim/whatever messenger you use
i just got over an art slump happens every once in a while but either way i know a lot of stuff to prehaps get you inspired and help ya out =)