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Meow meow I'm an extinct cat




Name: Frostbite
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Species: Smilodon Fatalis, some freaky blue variation or tie-dye accident
Height: 3’1 at the shoulder
Weight: Shade under 400 lbs

Appearance: About the size of a (smallish) lion with a slightly more compact build

- Hair and fur: Mixed blue and white
- Markings: Blue pelt accented by darker blue stripes and white in some places
- Eye color: Green

Skills: AMBUSH PREDATOR RAWRGH, super-awesome retractable claws, adorable

Weaknesses: Stupid slow cat with weak bite

Likes: Sleeping, delicious meaty animals, sharpening claws on furniture

Dislikes: ... Tar pits

Is there even a point to this?


I lol'd at Tye-dye accident, but I like the first picture. It's really well done.


Fuck yes! Another sabertoof. :3


My gif animation doesn't work
Nice fursona! I like smilodons. I even like the word "smilodon". You gotta love an animal with the word "smile" in its name.


Still not at 10k posts
Except, he only said "sabertooth." You're reaching, mang.

There are no sabertooth wolves. Wolves don't need them. Different prey and method of hunting.


Advice needed. Apply inside
I love her fur design! I personally though it was really unique that you used just a darker blue color, instead of pitch black for the strips.


There are no sabertooth wolves. Wolves don't need them. Different prey and method of hunting.
My fursona is a hybrid of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Smilodon) and a Dire Wolf. Saber tooth wolf is easier for me to put. ;)

Edit: If its that confusing I will change it. XD
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