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*meow meow scratch face* HI


50 Shades of Gay
Kто здесь понимает Русский язык? Хотел ли бы вы учиться? Я сильно хочу поговорить по-русский, для практики. (Who here understands Russian? Would you like to study it? I SRSLY want to chat in Russian for practice!)

So, who around here likes J.C. Leyendecker or Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazetta (you must), Brian Bolland, or Janet Fish? I love me the hell out of some Janet Fish.

Who the hell grew up with the old Scary Stories books with their creepy illustrations which were scarier than the actual story content? Or grew up watching and/or ran home to see Arthur, or Hey Arnold, or da na na what's the story, WISHBONE? I used to turn off the TV or change the channel in a freakish display of paranoid urgency when Are You Afraid Of The Dark? came on.

I like trance and house and dubstwopwopwopwop and all of that, but who listens to swing, rockabilly, and country? And I don't mean this newer nonsense. I mean like, Junior Brown, George Jones, Riders in the Sky. Anybody like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? Did you go "What the FRACK?" when you bought a Cherry Poppin' Daddies CD only to learn the hard way that Zoot Suit Riot was their only swing CD, and now you're stuck with this SKA nonsense, but you were kind of OK with it, because you were a 90s kid and you listened to No Doubt? And now they're back on the air and you're like, "Am I nine again?" </ramble>

Who around here went to/goes to Texas A&M and/or really likes football? \o/

Who is interested in 2D/3D animation, modeling, rigging, skinning, or writing shaders?

WHO PLAYS WHITE WOLF TABLETOP GAMES? Because I adore Changeling: the Lost, Geist/Sin Eaters, and then almost everything in the /old/ WOD bookline (*cough* Especially Vampire and Werewolf. The Sabbat, I love the Sabbat).

Oh, yeah, by the way. I are a drawer. I joined F.A. for the moneys, honestly. An interest in making actual characters of my own happened by osmosis from my room mate who introduced me to all of this nonsense. I do commissions and I do requests and trades. Mine was a humble little path starting out when I was like, four, drawing stick figure princesses and puppies for hours on monotonous end, then when I went to school I ended up watching Bob Ross paint happy little trees on P.B.S., and then something awful happened. I learned about Pokemon and Sailor Moon, and so I "learned" how to draw anime. Oh, man. Oh, man. Finally I got that awful, awful sickness (the 'I don't need to know how to draw realistic, I can draw anime!!') cured of me when I learned the Gospel of Frank Frazetta and Janet Fish courtesy of my high school art teacher, moved on, went to school, learned technical drawing, cried over a job at a flash animation studio, graduated, hooked up with an advertising company, and now I am SITTIN' IN MAH JAMMIES on a day off from work and posting on a forum.

Also I am not serious about that thread title. I just laughed when I saw it in the "How Not To Post Like An Idiot" type thread.


Don't believe the mask...
You. I like you. c:

I suppose the old 'welcome to FA!' is due.

I was sort of a 90s kid too (albeit a bit late), that whole paragraph about books and TV made me smile.

When I was a bit younger I used to be into older rockabilly (mostly the big names: Johnny, Elvis, and Buddy) -- these days I prefer old time Jazz (Peggy Lee, Annette Hanshaw, Patti Page, Bing Crosby, etc). But of course I also love me some Dub/trance/etc, Industrial, or Metal. I have pretty wide-spread music taste, anything goes.

The funny thing about my artistic journey is that I seem to have skipped over the 'fan-art' phase. I was always more interested in making my own creatures and characters -- and I wish I had half the imagination now that I had back then! These days I'm a digital artist (2D) freelancer, never been to art school (or any other type of higher learning) but I'm slowly making my way nevertheless. I've been hired on to help illustrate a few RPG/game websites, but mostly I do smaller personal commissions.

Anyway. Nice to meet you, and welcome!