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Mephit Fur Meet


Man I would love to go. But right now I lack the funds. :(

I've never been to a con or meet of any kind, but by what I've seen on Youtube, they seem like they would be tons of fun.

I'm gonna make it to one someday.


Bouncy Purple Fox of Doom
I'm in Jackson, so it's only an hour drive for me! ^_^ w00 I totally cant wait to go again this year last year was so much fun! I <3ed it so much...I'm gonna be there fri-sun gonna be fun, wish I could stay for longer, but oh well


Pete Townshend's Dog
It'll be my first con, i can't wait! we pre-registered last week. 8D I hope i don't feel 'left out' though, since I don't personally know anyone that's going. D:

And I might have to miss the opening ceremonies... >>


I'm the Pikabunny boy
I am sad cause I don't hvae the money to pay for it... It is only a stones throw away from where I live, about a hour... I just want to be there. It'd be my first con ever. PLus my family doesn't jknwo about it, nor me beign a furry I am afraid of them to... hehe...


Pete Townshend's Dog
eee, i'm so excited! :D i'll hopefully be fursuiting, if i can finish my ugly fursuit in time, haha.


I'll be there
Today actually, later on today.

See you guys there or something.


Though I don't live that far off, I can't go due to lack of funds and lack of transport. One day I will get to go....


Tesla Star
Hello all. I went to Mephit and it was great. I had a lot of fun ^_^!

I am sorry some furs didn't get to go.

I can haz any pictures of crittenz nowz? (I was the one wearing a black and white wig and pixie wings and a lot of bells)

Thank You K!

P.S. I was teh cute one?



Cuddly Kitty Cat
I made it to MFM, got back last night~ gots some pics and videos that are still on my camera. Cannot upload now, perhaps tonight. Was a fun time for my first con, wasn't sure what all to expect but seeing a furpile in person... I so wanted to jump in that thing but would rather my face not be on youtube as a non-suiter in the pile, along with one or two other people apparently lol.

Next con I'll prolly have my suit done. Must have fun then too :D

I was the one wearing moogle shirts and carrying a leopard plushie around~


Cuddly Kitty Cat
Heheh, ya, I'd like to return next year. In suit tho~! My next con might be Furry Fiesta, though if not that probably FWA 09. Had a great time despite being too shy to really get to meet people outside the group I went with :eek: