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(Commission) Selling: ($50+) mercuriel-art Commissions - OPEN

Hi everyone! Commissions are currently open! All types available except for uncolored headshots/halfbodies (so anything rendered and fullbody sketches are available, as well as customs). Please note me here or on FA or leave a comment if you're interested! ^^ I will include the link to the FA post as well as add the TOS in this post.


I am comfortable drawing any humanoids-- whether that's furries, scalies, humans, orcs, firbolgs, Draenei, goblins... you name it! Comfortable with many anthro animal species, from mammals to insects.
Comfortable with fantasy, modern, and sci-fi clothing.
I am removing feral options from my list as I am not as well versed in them and spend more time for a less quality result.

SFW only; no visible genitalia, sexual or highly suggestive poses/actions, or fetish/kink content. If you are uncertain, just ask!

TOS rundown:
-You get multiple changes during first sketch phase, one or two changes in refined sketch/line phase, and one or two changes in color and render phase.
-Most props do not incur an extra fee (if a fee is required, it will be elaborated on before payment).
-Artist (mercuriel-art) gets a certain degree of artistic say with piece, including but not limited to minorly/acutely altering chosen pose, color palette, or anatomy as necessary. Changes will be discussed with buyer before moving forward.
-Payment must be received in full via PayPal before work begins.
-Artist (mercuriel-art) reserves the right to deny or cancel any work for any reason, without requiring further question or explanation.
-Refunds for partially-finished or unstarted pieces will be granted at artist's discretion (in most cases-- typically if the reason for not finishing is on the artist's end).
-Work can never be used commercially, only personally; you may have art used as a sticker, print, keychain, etc., so long as it is not sold and is for personal use only.
-Absolutely NO NFTs or blockchain/crypto associations with my artwork.
-Work may also not be used for promoting hate of any kind.
-Do not draw over or edit my work. Please contact me first if you are considering this and I may be able to help.
-Art can be used as icons, banners, etc., on various websites (Twitter, Toyhouse, RP forums, etc) so long as credit is mentioned somewhere.
-Art must always be credited to me (mercuriel-art), whether just written out in words, or with a link to my FA or dA (either is fine).
-Please send these TOS to the next person if my work is moved to new ownership!

Link to post on FA