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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes


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since no one has made a thread for this yet, what is everyones opinion on the newly announced game? I'm curious because they're taking a completely different approach to the classic metal gear solid formula

according to Kojima, Ground Zeroes is serving as a "Prologue" in MGS continuity, and featuring Old Snake, this is presumably at some point before the events of MGS4. All of the cutscene content is handled in real-time using the FOX Engine and its release is targeted for current-gen platforms

The game will be an open world stealth title, with Snake able to call in a chopperMercenaries-style to travel between mission locations. Or, if he's so inclined, he can steal a vehicle of his own to do a little island hopping. Continuing to look at Snake's gear, it seems that Kojima Productions digs that Dead Space-style HUD for the Snake's wrist map



What the Hell I'm doing here?
As I said before, I will need to get the HD Collection to understand the story >.<
But I already have to many videogames.... and too many sequels are comming in November... (AC3, GTA 5, Halo 4)
I wish I had more money...


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I'm already amazed by this and going to Pre-Order ASAP. I hope there will be a Metal Gear Online too. :3