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Rawr =^.^=
Exactly what the title says. I will be doing PAY WHAT YOU WANT badge commissions to be DELIVERED at MFM. I all accept money through paypal, or cash on delivery.

All badges will be sketched, inked, and coloured on 110lb cardstock, and coloured with Copics. (Badges paid through Paypal will be laminated. Cash on deliver will not ((unless you give me the amount through paypal to laminate the badge(s) which is roughly 2$))

Depending on the amount paid, I will do either a..
DeRP Badge (roughly 5$)
Headshot Badge (roughly 5-10)
Waist Up (Roughly 10-15)
Fullbody (roughly 20+)
Pony Badge (NO LESS then 10$)

Please either email me at Leafwing20@hotmail.com, or note me on FA the following form:

Payment amount:
Character Ref:
When you will be at MFM:
Anything I need to know?: