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Flying away
Hello all! I'm Michicookies, but I also go by Michi or Vincent online~ I love drawing cute characters and winged characters especially, and I've got my commissions open and ready to service you!


While I'm on a bit of an anthropomorphic squid hype, I love all sorts of creatures. These are my base rates, character complexity may raise the price a tad.

Get a sketched picture of your character with one shade tone in any colour you'd like.

A digitally painted icon (bust up) of your character, complexity may rise price. Couple icons can be done for an additional +5$ USD

Get a flat colour image of your character, from head to toe!

[Full shade]
A fully shaded picture of your character, from head to toe!

[Reference sheet: BASIC]
A side and front image of your character in flat colours. Complexity may rise price.

[Reference sheet: DELUXE]
A side, front and fun pose of your character. The fun pose is a shaded image. Complexity may rise price.

  • -I can provide wips for everything but sketches, due to the nature of my fast workmanship.​
  • -I have the right to refuse service to works I am uncomfortable with.​
  • -NSFW Is allowed, please inquire to see what is available to request! Currently eager to try: vore, most vanilla poses​

Things I will not draw:

  • -Mechas or mechanical looking things (robotic limbs/helmets are okay though)
  • -Unsanitary NSFW
  • -Guro*
  • -Sensitive topics*

*Guro of the mild sort is okay, like floating severed heads or halloween-esque type gore.
*Please ask if you are unsure what qualifies as a sensitive topic

-Payment must be given in full unless discussed otherwise. I accept payment plans for purchases over 40$ USD, but full images will not be released until payment is completed.

-I am a rather fast worker, but days I am most able to work are during the early week. I will provide WIPS and discuss any delays, but please allow 7 days to complete work. (Generally, I can be done in as few as a couple hours, depending on the artwork.)

**I strive to provide stellar artwork, and am constantly improving, so the style of each art may be slightly inconsistent**
Other Examples of my works:



(NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Sierra selfie challenge by Michicookies
(NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Gay Squid wives doing squid wives things by Michicookies
(NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Tawny the Tiger doodle by Michicookies
(NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Sierra Figure Study by Michicookies

I also draw feral and taur characters, I absolutely love size differences in characters too! Painterly styles are priced starting at the same rate as full shade, but have a much higher spike in character complexity charges. Additional characters are +30% of the original cost.

I require references to work from, either in pictoral or written format. Written format may be subject to a character complexity fee because I am generating a character from the ground up.

All Payments are done through Paypal! To request a slot, just feel free to comment below or PM me here or on FurAffinity's site directly. You may also inquire via email: michicookies@live.com

Slot Information is updated on my FA's main page only.​