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New Member
Hello there, everyone!

I'm looking for a micro/macro RP partner, any gender. I have a male mouse fursona and I prefer being the smaller one. I love vore, mouthplay and fearplay, but I'm also super on board with fluffier and story based stuff. Any size is cool with me!

I only write in paragraphs (no *s) and honestly just love talkin' about micromacro. :)

I'd like to do DM rping (either DM on the forum or on the FA main site), but I'd be willing to download and make a kik if people really would like. I'm not able to do discord.

Thanks for lookin! :) Let me know if you wanna get big~!

Tahla Wolf

New Member
Heya lilfella. I haven't tried RP before, but your post caught my eye. I have a fursona who is a very large feral wolfess. It could work well as a size difference thing - as long as you are cool with me being an absolute beginner at RP. I could chase you around a bit if you want ;) Character sheet if you are curious.

Micro wolf/fox

New Member
Looking for a roleplay in dms.

I would be a 2 inch tall fox/wolf hybrid and encounter a normal anthro. Preferably a canine or feline. M/m or MF/m is fine. Nothing anal or death, but other things are fine since he would be captured and toyed with. Hope to hear from ya soon.