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Request: Might any artists be interested in drawing my hyena?


Lamenting Lynx
He's been on mind a lot and I've neglected him for quite some time. I don't think I've done these requests aside from one occasion, but if anyone would like to draw my hyena, I will attach some references for him. He doesn't get much love, yet I do contemplate reliving through him as I once did, giving him what he deserved. Naturally as I tend to be more artistic with words rather than pictures, I will appreciate whatever you decide to do. I only ask that some details and his personality aren't overlooked, but beggars aren't choosers.

Thanks again, really.

(You can admit the reference is cute; I'll permit.)
(Inform me if more references are needed. I also apologize for the .jpg format. His glasses are usually on as well.)


  • Ekon Dikeledi First Ref 2020.JPG
    Ekon Dikeledi First Ref 2020.JPG
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  • Ekon Neutral Headshot.jpg
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I had limited colors but I hope you like it.


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hey there!
I gave drawing your hyena boy a go and I hope you'll like the result. I took some liberties like giving him some clothes, I hope that you don't mind.
I don't know him but I hope I didn't draw him too out of character. He seems like a nice guy, a bit pensive and definitely cute :3
do you mind if I share this drawing around? Send a pm my way with your socials so I can tag you, if you'd like ^w^



Lamenting Lynx
Thank you, although I prefer handsome as opposed to cute. You can send me a private message here and I'll link you my socials as I have quite a bit.