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Hi Guys,
My name is Miki!
I'm an illustrator, new to the community here. I make digital art using photoshop and traditional art using watercolours! I can draw pretty much everything, my strengths are people and dragons, but I'm fairly confident in drawing most things (animals, vehicles etc). If you're unsure, ask me!
Also, if you'd like any further examples of my drawings, or high-res versions of the ones below, let me know and I'll post them.

I'll also be at a handful of artist's alleys around Europe in the first half of this year, and Australia in the second half!

My website is here if you'd like to see more

This is my commission info:

Payment is all via PayPal and I'll be in communication with commissioners regularly.



Terms And Conditions:

  • Payment is upfront for commissions less than $50 USD. For more than $50 USD payment is half upfront, half upon completion.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission
  • I do not draw excessive gore (Nudity is fine)
  • I will not draw existing licensed characters that the commissioner does not own the rights to (i.e. Mickey mouse, pikachu etc.)
  • I reserve the right to use the work within any portfolio or job application
  • I retain all distribution rights to the image, it may not be distributed by the commissioner for commercial gain. I agree not distribute the image as a print commercially.
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