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Miki's Art Thread


Art shop/Commissions here

Hi Guys!

I'm new on this forum, I'm a digital artist, working in photoshop. I like to work in a really wide range of styles, from cartoony to realism. I'm a big fan of musicals, a veteran (if infrequent) Neopets user, and a qualified physicist. I exhibit at cons (currently around Europe, soon, around Australia), selling art and commissions.

My website is mikiprice.art
My Tumblr is mikiprice (just art) or feuilly (private blog, sketches, and rambling)

I plan to keep posting sketches and finished pieces here, as well as meet some other art-folks.





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Outstanding Leia painting. A tad mute on the contrast of the background, but you executed her likeness masterfully. You've very confident vehicles here as well. Very lovely well rounded work.


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Dude, your stuff is amazing. I love how your art varies in different styles, rather than just the one -and your color palette is so earthy and soft! I love it.