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[Milestone event] 10,000 FA page visit art event!


Mr. Villanous charm

Seeing as the previous thread got deleted due to the forum being restored from a backup from before the thread were even made and I have hit over 10,000 page visits, lets start the event!

The rules are pretty simple:
If you are interested in potentially free art commissioned by me, feel free to post your character and associated refs for it below. One character per person please. I may commission the piece with a character I own included or I may commission an art piece with your character alone. I will choose pose, potential scenery, etc. I may commission from an artist on the forums or elsewhere. I will not commission NSFW as this event is meant for all ages.

This is not a lottery, mind. Depending on how many participants we get I may not end up picking you, but do not fret! There is a lot of opportunities for getting art, so if you don't get picked there's always a next time. ^^

If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
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I want to submit my sona but have to finish making the clothed version of my character sheet ^^' I will be back!


Mr. Villanous charm
I appreciate the interest. I will keep the event running until the end of October so people have a chance to enter and participate.


Mr. Villanous charm
Apologize so much for the delay. I've had login problems for the past couple of weeks which are now luckily solved. Will poke the two of you ASAP.


Mr. Villanous charm
Is this still open?
Unfortunately, no. Was meant to end in October. But eh, I suppose I can sneak you in. o3o

Send refs and the like over Discord if you fancy. Make sure to read over the rules first though.