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Military Furs

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I took this picture yesterday. It's kinda washed out by the sun, whatever though. We did 17 touch and goes and something like 5 practice go arounds. Was a looooong sortie.



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Sounds like I'm the only one with "U.S. Navy" sewed into my uniform. I'm a Fireman currently assigned to Nuclear Field A School at NNPTC on the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC. I gotta say the Navy's working uniform is my favorite out of all the uniforms. The blue and grey digital pattern looks better than the tan camoflauge, in my opinion. I'm hoping to get stationed on the Enterprise before she gets decommissioned, but I won't know for a while if that is even a possibility.

Go Navy!


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I've been tainted by games and I would most likely go to the front lines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a crazed war junkie, I just think I can handle it and well, it doesn't really bother me.

I lack the physical capability from what I've read, and i'd probably be better at a noncombat job.


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I lack the physical capability from what I've read, and i'd probably be better at a noncombat job.

True enough, I'm not that physical but I'm more than willing to train and work at it some. It may seem silly but I love the thrill. Now it's hard to compare military combat to something like paintball but I believe I have what it takes when it comes to tactility in tough situations and it's a while different story when you're in a life threatening situation but as I've said before, I'm good under pressure and there's nothing like the thrill although it's a dumb way to put it as you've got to take a person's life and watch some of your best friends get wounded or worse around you and it's hard.
What should I do? I'm dropping classes in college, I quit my job, and I have become more unmotivated in my life than ever before.

Should I join the Armed Service? Always wanted to considering I believe it is a great way to learn a lot about yourself.

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wearing furries will tell also a lot about you:p
i also do survival, so i go to a forest and live there for a week


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hello all military furs. As corny as this sounds, I am "looking for a few good men" women in the military are not excluded as I care not about color, race, gender, believe in something (spiritual or religious) or believe in nothing, age, or position in life as I am only looking for my own kind. A breed of beings that are intelligent, strong, compassionate and have the backbone to stand up in whatever they believe (unless it is full of animosity or mal intent to which I say go do it over there away from me please). I am finding myself to have shifted away from the things I formerly loved (like our beloved destractions of mindless TV, video gaming, loafing, and surrounding myself with those who live in a small world) to the real world where those who have graduated from this and grown up to move onto bigger and better things and more important life persuits.

I have found myself the target of 'oppertunity' by many small minds who condemned me for things I never done and haven't even started or will not do, the hatred and animosity is great enough for me to completely throw away everything I once knew to completely start over. I have lost many a family and friend (as many of them all molded together with the foes of a feeble mind that was not actively worked out that can only see things from one angle and believe everything they see on TV or on the internet).

I am looking for service members (do not care if your army, navy, marines, air force, coast guard or national guard, were all brothers and sisters fighting for a good common goal, though many of us do not have choices as we probably found out most of our lives watching those priviliged and non compassionate). I have recently joined the army and by the time many of you read this, I will have already picked my job and been sworn in. I picked the army because of its benefits package suited me well and I hope that it will allow me to help out the ones I love because money means nothing to me, oppertunities, acolades and brotherhood do. My government though not the greatest but that is NOT AN INVITE TO DISCUSS THIS PLEASE (so focus on a solution instead of submitting your diagnosis of which I will not care about, because I have my opinions and do not care to be preaced to thank you and this wish WILL be respected, so make your own choices like I did and keep it to yourself) but my government is the only entity that recognizes my abilities (as on the ASVAB I scored above 105 easy on everything) when the private sector failed me and told me I was good for nothing. I found something to take me in and help me with my goals for my loved ones and to further myself in the best way possible, EDUCATION.

I would love nothing more then to surround myself with a support network of those who can think for themselves, are strong enough to stand up for what they believe in, but compassionate enough to band together like the brothers and sisters in heart we really are. If you are interested, you can message me on PM, my yahoo, otterriverdog, or my email otterriverdog@yahoo.com. Mind you if I recieve uniltellectual angry ramblings from cro magnons and neandertholed junk yard dog mentalitied people, you will nto get the oppertunity to speak to me, you will be blocked and deleted promptly. I thank you for your time in reading this since time=value and I value you for valuing me in reading this. Max respect to you all and may those of you who came so close to giving up hold onto your wishes and dreams and never let go, because sometimes thats all we have living a grotto existance. No one left behind, you will not be forgotten. <3 Be well physically and mentally -sincerely and respectfully a lonesome lonewolf of a soldier. (no I am not a wolf FYI).


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Ok, I laughed.

I know right?

And as a bonus he necro'd a thread. Please read the rules before you post garbley gook and an ancient thread!
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